Physicists Contribute Insights to the Energy and Environment Debate 2002

27th Annual Conference of the National Association of Environmental Professionals
Dearborn, Michigan, June 26, 2002

Panel on Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles: Pathways and Challenges

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Study presented to POPA March 30, 2003 (pdf)
Craig Davis, Bill Edelstein, Bill Evenson, Aviva Brecher, and Dan Cox

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles: Pathways and Challenges (pdf)
John M. DeCicco

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles: Pathways and Challenges (pdf)
Sigmund Gronich

Hydrogen Production Technologies/Strategies for Automotive Applications (pdf)
Robert H. Williams

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles: Pathways and Challenges (pdf)
Ross Witschonke

In-depth Readings

  1. The Environmental Paradox of Nuclear Power: David Bodansky
  2. A Nuclear Solution to Climate Change?: William Sailor, et al., from Science
  3. Why Nuclear Power Failure in the Market Place is Irreversible: Amory Lovins
  4. Expanding Nuclear Power Worldwide Without Proliferation: William Sailor
  5. The Pebble-Bed Modular Reactor: Safety and Non-Proliferation Issues: Edwin S. Lyman
  6. Our National Energy Situation is a Mess!: Albert A. Bartlett
  7. Depleted Uranium and Leukemia: John Michael Williams
  8. Depleted Uranium and Leukemia--a rejoinder to Williams: Bernard L. Cohen
  9. Leukemia from Military Use of Depleted Uranium: Bernard Cohen
  10. How to think about Proliferation and Nuclear Power: William C. Sailor
  11. Nuclear Energy: Will It Save the World?: Bertram Wolfe
  12. Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power: Deja vu All Over Again?: Eugene A. Rosa
  13. A Flawed Picture of Nuclear Workers: David Bodansky
  14. Has Radiation Protection Become a Health Hazard?: Gunnar Walinder, reviewed by A. John Ahlquist
  15. Global Warming Hysteria: Alexander Berezin
  16. Association des Ecologists Pur le Nucleaire: Berol Robinson
  17. Can a return to the Fusion Hybrid Help both the Fission and Fusion Programs?": Wallace Manheimer
  18. The Politics and Technology of Nuclear Proliferation: Robert Mozley, reviewed by David Hafemeister