Outreach Info & Resources

APS Physics Central has an "Outreach Guide!"
The guide provides ideas, opportunities, and information on how to conduct various types of outreach. Check it out!

And within this guide you’ll find information about:

Outreach Ideas

  • Physics on the Road
  • Public Lectures - One Time
  • Public Lectures - Series
  • Open Houses
  • Science Cafes
  • Demo Shows (on campus)
  • Working with a Museum

Outreach Tips

  • Public Relations
  • Working with Children and Schools
  • Demos List
  • Experts

The Institute of Physics has a website devoted to Public Engagmeent
This website provides ideas for outreach activities, how to run an event, evaluation of an event or activity, as well as sign ups for events (in the UK).

The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
Has many resources, and classes you can sign up for at Stony Brook University. There is a "Workshops on the Road" program that visits other locations. Check out their website for ideas and information.