Funsize Physics

Funsize Physics is a new, NSF-funded web resource aiming to improve the broader impacts of condensed matter and materials research, and to communicate the excitement of this research to a broad audience. The site is unique in that it includes research descriptions written for the public by researchers themselves, rather than by science writers. The curator of the site assists contributors in revising and refining their posts, helping them to present their work in ways that will be meaningful and compelling for non-experts. The Funsize Research section features short, attractive, accessible descriptions of novel physics results contributed by NSF-supported PIs. In the Funsize Outreach section, PIs can present outreach activities they have tried, discuss what worked and what didn't, and connect with groups across the country to collaborate on new outreach activities. Finally, the Funsize Classroom section allows researchers to expand the "reach" of their "outreach" by sharing how-to guides for experiments, demonstrations, and activities that may be done either in a classroom or at home. Check us out at and register as a contributor! For more information about how you can grow your broader impacts in partnership with Funsize Physics, contact site curator Jocelyn Bosley at