From the New Editor

Maria Longobardi, New FIP Newsletter Editor

Maria Longobardi

As the new “Editor-Elect” of the FIP newsletter, first of all, I would like to thank Ernie Malamud, the newsletter editor for the past six years for his dedication and competence. He has been a reliable source of enthusiasm and passion for me and for all newsletter readers. During these years, the newsletter has become a reference point for the FIP community, establishing an open dialogue with its members and casting light on international scientific communication and cooperation and by fostering dialogue among physicists of all countries. I’m honored to succeed Ernie beginning with the next issue. He will continue to contribute his professionalism to the FIP newsletter as an Associate Editor.

Cooperation is a key for all scientific communities. The APS is one of the largest community of physicists and, due to its high international profile offers an unique opportunity for scientific and cultural interexchange between researchers of different disciplines and countries, with particular attention to young researchers.

I’m also pleased to announce that starting from the next year two special editions of the newsletter will be released for the APS meetings, both for the March and April Meetings 2017, reporting all the FIP activities and the sessions and events of interest for the international physics community at these meetings.

If you want to contribute to the next issue of the spring 2017 newsletter, the deadline for sending me your articles is 1 February 2017.

You can send your contributions in .doc files and images in .tif or .jpg format to

Maria Longobardi works in the Section of Microbiology of the Department of Botany and Plant Biology, at the University of Geneva. She is working on the development of novel biomaterials integrated with graphene and other materials. She is an elected member-at-large of the FIP Executive Committee and was elected for a 3-year term as FIP’s new Editor at the April 16, 2016 Executive Committee meeting in Salt Lake City.

Maria Longobardi

Maria Longobardi