FIP Sessions at APS Spring Meetings

Sergio Ulloa, 2012 FIP Program Chair

2013 APS March Meeting

March Meeting 2013

March 18 - 22 • Baltimore Convention Center,
Baltimore, Maryland

FIP has sponsored and co-sponsored three great symposia.

Session B9 – Monday, March 18 - 11:15 a.m. - Room 308.
FIP Symposium on the Science of Climate. Chaired by Eugene Chudnovsky, CUNY-Lehman, this symposium brings together experts on different aspects of the science of climate. They will present current developments on our understanding of this fascinating and important field:  From the connection of earth climate with solar variability, to climate in other planets, the speakers will also address the role of ozone on the Earth's climate system, and our progress in predicting monsoons.  All in all, this symposium will allow us to properly frame the discussion on climate, in great anticipation of the symposia later in the week on related topics organized by the Topical Group on the Physics of Climate (GPC; sessions N4, T16 and U15). Moreover, the Kavli Plenary Session on Wednesday (R0) will also include talks on climate. Session N32 – Wednesday, March 20 - 11:15 a.m. - Room 340.
International Physics Programs and History of Physics. Jointly sponsored by FIP and the Forum on the History of Physics (FHP), this session will be chaired by Gloria Lubkin, Physics Today Editor. The symposium will feature Fulbright opportunities in the physical sciences, as well as a fascinating collection of historical talks from Bohr's Atom 100th anniversary to the discovery and development of X-ray diffraction, to the marvelous year 1932, when Urey discovered deuterium and Chadwick the neutron, as well as several other important advances that same year! Session R9 - Wednesday March 20 - 2:30 p.m. - Room 308.
Advances in Condensed Matter Physics in Latin America. Chaired by Eugenio Vogel, Universidad de La Frontera, Chile, this symposium features prominent speakers from Latin American countries with strong programs in condensed matter physics. The expert speakers will discuss progress, investments and future plans in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Moreover, the session will include a discussion of the important role that the Center of Latin American Physics (CLAF) has played in the region in its 50 years of existence, and examine the progress and status of women in Latin American Physics.


April Meeting 2013

April Meeting 2013

April 13 - 16 • Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO

FIP has co-organized two symposia on different aspects of Science Diplomacy.

Session H7 – Sunday, April 14 - 10:45AM - Governor's Square 16.
Science Diplomacy. The session has been co-organized with the Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA).  Chaired by FIP Past Chair Harvey Newman, Caltech, the symposium will give a high perspective glimpse of what science diplomacy can achieve from within state institutions: the Science Ministry in Brazil and the US State Department. Session R6 – Monday, April 15 - 1:30PM - Governor's Square 16.
Session on Grassroots Science. This symposium, chaired by William Barletta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, features the presentation by this year's John Wheatley Award recipient, Sultana Nahar, on her work promoting underrepresented scientists in Asian and Arab countries. Other speakers will discuss the important international aspects of large facilities, such as particle accelerators and especially SESAME, the synchrotron light source in Jordan.
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