FIP Members Recognized as APS Fellows

It is a pleasure to recognize and congratulate eleven of our members who have recently been elected to APS Fellowship upon nomination by the FIP for their significant contributions to physics and the advancement of physics throughout the world.

Maria Allegrini, University of Pisa

Citation: For contributions to laser interactions with atoms and small molecules: energy pooling collisions, high resolution spectroscopy, laser cooling of diatomic molecules, and contributions to international physics through collaborations and professional service

Emanuela Barzi, Fermilab

Citation: For her innovations in the development of advanced superconductors, her continuous efforts in promoting International scientific collaborations, and her unwavering mentoring of US and Italian students

Bhanu Das, Indian Institute of Science

Citation: For his seminal contributions to the theory of parity and time-reversal violations in atoms in the context of probing the Standard Model of particle physics, and for his leadership in promoting international collaborations in frontier areas of atomic, molecular and optical physics

Dino Fiorani, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Struttura della Materia, Rome

Citation: For his contribution to the physics of nanostructured materials and his contribution to the international aspect of physics through organization of international science meetings

Kui-juan Jin, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Jin was cited for her significant contributions in the overlapping areas of optics and condensed matter physics, and for her important role as a leading example for women in physics.

Derun Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Citation: For his tireless efforts to promote collaboration and cooperation on accelerator science and technology between the US and China and for his work towards the experimental demonstration of muon ionization cooling

Li Lu, Chinese Academy of Science

Citation: For contributions to experimental studies of mesoscopic and nanoscale electronic materials, and for leadership in promoting international scientific collaborations

Jie Meng, Peking University

Citation: For his many important and continuing contributions in developing the Relativistic Mean Field theory into a predictive tool for nuclear structure research and for creating an active international hub at Beijing in this field

Steve Myers, CERN

Citation: For his important contributions to the physics of beams and his exceptional efforts to shape international collaborations enabling successful physics programs at the ISR, LEP and LHC

Sergey Saveliev, Loughborough University

Citation: For distinguished contributions to the theory of classical and quantum transport, particularly for the application of stochastic methods to solid state physics, including superconducting Terahertz electronics, vortex dynamics and nanoparticle transport

Mu Wang, Nanjing University

Citation: For his original contributions in understanding nonlinear phenomena in crystallization, exploration of opto-electric properties of self-organized metallic microstructures, and his tireless efforts in promoting international scientific exchange and collaboration

Maira AllegriniEmanuela BarziBhanu DasDino FioraniKui-juan JinDerun LiLi LuJie MengSteve MyersSergey SavelievMu Wang
FIP Members Recognized as APS Fellows. (top row, L to R) Allegrini, Barzi, Das, Fiorani, Jin, (bottom row, L to R) Li, Lu, Meng, Saveliev, Wang, Myers

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