2008 APS Fellows

Nominated by FIP

Baksay, Laszlo
Florida Institute of Technology
Citation: For his contributions to high energy physics, leadership of international collaborations especially in bringing the Hungarian physics community into the international enterprise, innovations and activities in science education and many efforts for the APS international program and the Forum on International Physics.

Baldwin, Kenneth
Australian National University
Citation: For seminal contributions to quantum-atom optics and precision laser spectroscopy, organization of major international efforts to study these problems, and outstanding professional leadership.

Beltram, Fabio
Scuola Normale Superiore
Citation: For major contributions to nanophysics, including studies of semiconductor nanostructures and in molecular biophysics, and for leadership in promoting the international reach of Italian research.

Covello, Aldo
Univ. di Napoli Federico II
Citation: For perfecting the theory of pairing correlations, for showing that the nucleon-nucleon potential lead to predictions for nuclei far from stability, and for his outstanding contributions to the international nuclear physics community by providing, for over two decades, a venue for theorists and experimentalists to share their latest ideas.

Onel, Yasar
University of Iowa
Citation: For significant contributions to particle physics, organizing many international particle physics experiments and conferences, and inspiring and mentoring students from the US and developing countries.

Pancheri-Srivastava, Giulia
INFN Lab Natl of Frascati
Citation: For her leadership in establishing an international network in theoretical and experimental particle physics at the DAPHNE phi-factory, and for her leading several networks of researchers from European universities for the training of young researchers.

Sen, Surajit
Citation: For the discovery of how solitary waves break and secondary solitary waves form in granular media, for his leadership in organizing forums to represent and recognize the physicists from India and for raising consciousness about the problems and the importance of rural science education in India and the developing world.

Shlomo, Shalom
Texas A&M University
Citation: For outstanding contributions in the study of nuclear correlations, giant resonances and the nuclear matter equation of state, and his many contributions to the development of international research and education in physics.

Xie, Xincheng
Oklahoma State University
Citation: For important contributions to the theoretical understanding of two-dimensional electron systems, tirelessly working for the advancement of physics in China, fostering collaborations between young physicists in China and the United States, and co-organizing a number of important international workshops and conferences.

Yeh, Gong
Citation: In recognition of his work in building international collaborations in physics, including his leadership of the Taiwan group in the Collider Detector at Fermilab and acting as a Special Adviser to the Japanese government on the creation of the Institute of Science and Technology in Okinawa and for his contributions to the discovery of the Top Quark.