December 2007 Newsletter

Executive Committee
Photo of FIP Executive Committee 2007 in Jacksonville
View from the Chair
By Herman Winnick
APS International Programs
International Travel Grant Award Program — Journal Distribution — Lectureships — Visa Information — Matching Membership Program — Human Rights
CAM 2007
By Szabolcs Rembeczki
The Role of the US Particle Accelerator School in International Science
By William A. Barletta
The UNESCO Physics Action Council
By Irving A. Lerch
Can Nuclear Proliferation be Stopped?*
By Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky
International Interdisciplinary Research Facilities In A Scientific US-Senegal Partnership
By Drs. Paul Guèye, Oumar Ka, Wendell Hill, Keith Jackson, Anthony Johnson, Lawrence Norris and Quinton Williams
Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Society – The First Ten Years
By Czesław Rudowicz
How an Obsolete Concept of Science Impedes the Development of Islamic countries: The Example of Iran
By Reza Mansouri
APS Fellows
Congratulations to the nine new APS Fellows sponsored by the FIP in 2007
Letters to the Editor
Re: Capacity Building: Opportunity for Enduring Peace by Henry J. Hatch

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