NSF-DOE Pan-American Advanced Studies Institutes

The Department of Energy and the NSF intend to support a limited number of Pan American Advanced Studies Institutes (PASI) modeled on the NATO Advanced Studies Institutes. Pan American Advanced Studies Institutes are short courses of two to four weeks duration, involving lecturers of international standing at the advanced graduate and postgraduate level from the Americas. PASIs aim to disseminate advanced scientific knowledge and stimulate training and cooperation among researchers of the Americas in the basic sciences and engineering fields. Institutes in any physical or mathematical science discipline and/or engineering may be supported. Whenever feasible, an interdisciplinary approach is recommended. PASIs may involve up to 8 to 12 lecturers and approximately 40 to 50 students from the different countries in the Americas. A PASI award will cover expenses for the organization of the meeting, travel and living expenses of lecturers, and contribute to students' travel and living expenses. The principal investigator is responsible for (a) the preparation of the scientific program, (b) the selection of lecturers and students, (c) the administration of the meeting, and (d) the publication of lectures and proceedings from the meeting. The cost for any one Institute with a reasonable number of participants, including lecturers and students, is expected to range from $50,000 to $75,000, aside from contributions from other sources. NSF will accept a number of proposals by May 1 to support such institutes. Individuals interested in submitting such a proposal should contact Eduardo Feller (efeller@nsf.gov) at 703-306-1709/1706 for additional information.