Recognizing Our Peers - 2017 Winners of Prizes Administered by FIAP

FIAP has the privilege of administering three prizes awarded to physicists for their work in industry. These colleagues will be recognized at the March Meeting 2017:

2017 George E. Pake Prize

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Tze-Chiang Chen
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Citation: “For expert leadership in semiconductor technology development and deployment, as well as basic science stewardship.”

2017 Distinguished Lectureship Award on the Applications of Physics

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Rudolf M. Tromp
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Citation: “For extensive and significant contributions to the field of surface physics.”

2017 Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics

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Asad Khan
Kent Displays
Citation: “For novel contributions to the physics of bistable, reflective cholesteric liquid crystals, and the commercial applications of pressure-sensitive liquid crystal displays, including switchable windows, eWriters and numerous new products.”

Please visit the links above for more information about these prizes including how to nominate someone for the next award cycle.

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