Executive Committee

All terms end at the March Meeting of the year listed, with the exception of the APS Councilor, which ends on December 31 of the year listed.

Chair: Michael Gordon (03/20 - 02/21)
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Chair-Elect: Matthew Thompson (03/20 - 02/21)
BAE Systems

Vice Chair: Curt Richter (03/20 - 02/21)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Past Chair: Ichiro Takeuchi (03/20 - 02/21)
University of Maryland, College Park

Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas Meitzler (03/20 - 02/23)
United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

Councilor: James Adams (01/20 - 12/23)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Member-at-Large: David Whelan (03/18 - 02/21)
University of California, San Diego

Member-at-Large: Matthew Richter (03/18 - 02/21)
MKS Instruments

Member-at-Large: Edlyn Levine (03/19 - 02/22)
Harvard University

Member-at-Large: Abram Falk (03/20 - 02/22)
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Member-at-Large: Nathan Orloff (03/20 - 02/23)

Officer Biographies & Statements

James Adams
Todd Brintlinger
Michael S. Gordon
Edlyn V. Levine
Nathan Orloff
Thomas Meitzler
Curt A. Richter
Matthew Richter
Ichiro Takeuchi
Matthew Thompson
David Whelan

Gray Arrow Biographies of past officers


APS Liaison: Daniel Pisano
Director of Industrial Physics Engagement

Newsletter Editor: Todd Brintlinger (03/18 - 02/21)

Nominees and award and office holders are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.