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The Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics is proud to present a list of members nominated by FIAP and elected to Fellowship in the American Physical Society. Each new fellow is elected after careful and competitive review and recommendation by the FIAP Fellowship Committee, additional review by the APS Fellowship Committee and final approval by the full APS Council.
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APS Fellows Nominated by FIAP  

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Anway, Carol E. [2018]
Boeing Company
Citation: For revolutionary advances in the areas of computational industrial physics, specifically in advanced simulation tools enabling modeling and predictive behavior of sensor and communication architectures in highly complex systems.

Boily, Robert [2018]
Inforex Inc.
Citation: For outstanding accomplishments over a 40-year career in physical science and technology, especially in the fields of electronics, photonics, advanced materials, imaging and energy.

Chan, Siu-Wai [2018]
Columbia University
Citation: For observing and understanding the grain boundary dislocation motion in materials, providing a seminal impact on superconducting thin film boundary devices, and inventing a novel ecological synthesis technique of nano-crystals oxides for catalysis applications.

Kherani, Nazir P. [2018]
University of Toronto
Citation: For distinct contributions to the development of betavoltaic, photovoltaic, and nanoplasmonic devices for long-lived batteries, high efficiency Si heterojunction solar cells, graded gratings for high sensitivity bio/chem-sensing applications, and contributions to understanding the Staebler- Wronski effect.

Murray, Conal [2018]
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Citation: For wide-ranging contributions including the development of analytical methods to understand decoherence for superconducting qubits, and for measurement and modeling of strain in advanced microelectronics.

Paranthaman, M. Parans [2018]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For distinguished contributions to the field of materials synthesis and characterization for high temperature superconductors, solar cells, lithium ion batteries, and additive manufacturing of magnetic materials.

Yang, Ping [2018]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For sustained pioneering research in light scattering and radiative transfer with various applications, especially in remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere.