Canadian-American-Mexican Graduate Student Physics Conference 2019

CAM2019 was jointly hosted by Laurentian University and SNOLAB and included an opportunity for SNOLAB tours.

About CAM

The CAM2019 conference is now closed. All physics graduate students attending U.S. institutions were invited to attend and present at the 2019 Canadian-American-Mexican Graduate Student Physics Conference (CAM2019), scheduled for the 24th - 27th of July 2019 in Sudbury, Ontario. The CAM conference was jointly sponsored by the physics societies of Canada, Mexico, and the US, and is organized by graduate students from all three countries. Since 2017, the conference also included the participation of the Cuban Physical Society.

The conference provides physics graduate students of all subdisciplines with unique opportunities to build an international network, showcase their research, and develop key professional skills.

APS is no longer accepting abstracts and registration is now closed.

All graduate students interested in participating in CAM2019 must submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. Approximately, 60 students will be selected to give oral presentations and 40 students will be selected to present their research during a dedicated poster session. Graduate students currently attending a university in Canada, Mexico, or the United States may submit abstracts.

Physicists of the Future: Transcending Boundaries
July 24 - 27, 2019
Sudbury, Ontario

Applications are now closed

Travel Support Available!

All conference information may be found at the CAM2019 website, including travel to Sudbury, and conference accommodation.

The APS Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA) welcomes all physics graduate students at U.S. institutions to submit abstracts for CAM2019 and apply for travel support from APS to attend the conference. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to present your research to your international peers from Cuba, Mexico, and Canada!

Past CAM Meetings

CAM 2017: APS-FGSA hosted CAM in 2017 in Washington D.C. August 17-19.
CAM 2015
format_pdf: SMF hosted CAM in 2015 in Oaxaca, Mexico September 9 - 12.
CAM 2013: CAP hosted CAM 2013 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada from August 15 - 18.

CAM 2011format_pdf: CAM 2011 was held in Washington, D.C. September 29 - October 1.
CAM 2009format_pdf: It was held in Acapulco, Mexico October 18 - 21.
CAM 2007: CAP hosted CAM 2007 in Montréal August 8 - 11.
CAM 2005: It was hosted by APS in San Diego, California August 19 - 21.
CAM 2003: SMF hosted CAM 2003 in Mérida, Mexico October 24 - 26.