Physics Education Research

The Application of Play Theory to Pedagogical Design
Juan Burciaga

Human Subjects Research Training and PER
David Sitar and Marshall Thomsen

Enhancing Student Understanding of 1D and 2D Motions: The Role of Sequencing Topics, Kinesthetic Experience, Video Analysis, and Analytic Mathematical Modeling
Priscilla Laws

Using Clickers in a University Physics Course to Improve Student Achievement
Judith C. Stull et al.

Overview of the Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research Conference
Michael Wittmann, Paula Heron, and Rachel Scherr

FFPER 2009 Working Group Report: Collaborations in PER
MacKenzie Stetzer and Michael Loverude

FFPER 2009 Working Group Report: A Physics Education Research (PER) Textbook
Sam McKagan

Chemistry Education: Issues and Trends
Melanie Cooper

Physics Faculty and Educational Researchers: Partners In Reform
Charles Henderson and Melissa H. Dancy

APS April 2008: Excellence in Physics Education Award: University of Washington PER Group
Peter Shaffer, Jill Marshall, Gary Gladding

2007 FFPER: Non-Traditional Methods of Publication
David E. Meltzer

2007 FFPER: PER and TA Preparation
MacKenzie Stetzer

2007 FFPER: The Perfect Parent Organization for PER
Edward F. Redish and David Brooks

2007 FFPER: A Ph.D. in Physics Education Research
Jennifer Blue and Stephen Kanim

2007 FFPER: Report of the FFPER 2007 International PER Working Group
Genaro Zavala and Brian Pyper

PER Central
H. Vincent Kuo

Overview of the Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research Conference
Michael Wittmann, Paula Heron, and Rachel Scherr

Querying Other Fields (PER)
Andy Elby and Michael Loverude

Maximizing the Benefits of Physics Education Research: Building Productive Relationships and Promoting Institutional Change
Charles Henderson, Tim Stelzer, Leon Hsu, and Dawn Meredith

Lobbying for Discipline-based Education Research
Paula Heron and David Meltzer

A Literary Canon in Physics Education Research
John Thompson and Bradley Ambrose

Investigation of Student Reasoning Regarding Concepts in Thermal Physics
David E. Meltzer

Physics Research Presented for Undergrads: On the Web and at APS Meetings
David Ehrenstein

Physlets: A Tool for Physics Education Research
Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni and Melissa Dancy

Physics Education Research and Instructional Reform Beyond the Introductory Level (PER)
Richard N. Steinberg

Are Definitions and Formulas Important
Thomas D. Rossing

An Experiment in Physical Science Education Reform
Bernard Hoop, Eric W. Hansberry

The 1998 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings
Thomas C. Koch and Robert G. Fuller

Physics Education Research Ph.D. Programs in the USA

Iowa State University is New Entrant into Physics Education Research Community
David E. Meltzer

Results from Physics Education Research
Donald F. Holcomb

Why I teach my students things that are incorrect
S.L. Haan

Viewing Teaching as a Physicist
Kenneth Heller

Why do Faculty Value Random Comments
Gerhard Salinger

Cognitive Psychology and Learning Theory: A Web Tour
Samuel Bowen

Problem Solving and Learning Physics
David P. Maloney

Student Problem Solving
Alan Van Heuvelen

Book Review: A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching, Arnold B. Arons
Randy Knight