Summer 2008 Newsletter

Larry Woolf, Editor

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In this Issue

From the Chair
Ernest Malamud
From the Editor
Larry Woolf
Forum on Education News
FEd Program Committee, FEd Nominating Committee, FEd Fellowships
Video Analysis Workshops for College and University Faculty
Robert Teese
Introducing ALPhA
Michael Crescimanno
New Web-Based Collection of Open Source Physics Resources
Bruce Mason
Physics Textbook Writing: Medieval, Monastic Mimicry
Craig Bohren
Thoughts about the Career of a Graduating PhD in Physics
Martin C. Gutzwiller
The APS/AAPT Conference on Graduate Education in Physics
Janet Tate
Information Fluency and Physics Curriculum: Faculty/Librarian Collaboration
Pat Viele
Computer-based Tutorials to Develop Expertise in Introductory Physics Students
Chandralekha Singh
From the Desk of the NIH Director: Special Edition on Science Education
Elias A. Zerhouni
Invited Education Sessions at the 2008 APS April Meeting
Session B4: How to Communicate Physics to the General Public Using Books and Articles
Art Hobson
Session D7: Physics Demonstrations and Strategies for Teaching and Public Outreach
Diane Miller, James Cibulka, Rebecca Trousil
Session H4: Undergraduate Education in Nuclear Physics
Warren Rogers, John Shriner, Sekazi Mtingwa
Session J5: US Particle Accelerator School Session
William Barlet, Evgenya Smirno, Michael Syphers
Session L4: Why We Should Double the Number of Undergraduate Degrees in Physics
Ted Hodapp, Robert Hilborn, David Boulware
Session T7: Excellence in Physics Education Award Session
Peter Shaffer, Jill Marshall, Gary Gladding
Session X4: Programs to Prepare Teaching Assistants to Teach
Steve Pollock, MacKenzie Stetzer, Ken Heller
Invited Education Sessions at the 2008 APS March Meeting
Session J7: Undergraduate Nanotechnology and Materials Physics Education I
Robert Chang, Greta Zenner, Jeffrey Collett, Fiona Goodchild, Pradeep Haldar
Session Q7: Undergraduate Nanotechnology and Materials Physics Education II
Emily Allen, Gregory Salamo, Chris Hughes, Michael Dubson, Janet Tate
Session U7: Physics Demonstrations and Strategies for Teaching and Public Outreach
Wendy Crone, Murty A. Akundi, Stephen Collins, John Thacker, Robert McGuire
Teacher Preparation Section
From the Editor of the Teacher Preparation Section
John Stewart
2008 PTEC Conference: "Master Teachers: Change Agents for Teacher Preparation"
Gabe Popkin
Doing the Right Thing (and in the Right Place):Starting a Teacher Preparation Program at a Research University
Laurie E. McNeil
Improving Physics Education through a Diverse Research and Learning Community at Florida International University
Laird Kramer, Eric Brewe, and George O'Brien
Contributing to Teacher Preparation through "Broader Impacts" Activities
Monica Plisch