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Summer 2006 Newsletter

Ernie Malamud, Editor



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AAPT Summer meeting in Syracuse

Please join us at the joint FEd/DNP/AAPT plenary session

Session AM: Plenary I - Nuclear Physics in the 21st Century, the Legacy of Hans Bethe
Monday, July 24 - 10:15am-11:45am
AM01 10:15 Hendrik Schatz (MSU) - Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics;
AM02 10:45 Timothy Hallman (BNL) - Making Quark-Gluon Soup at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider;
AM03 11:15 Elizabeth Beise (NSF and U. Md) - News and Views of the Proton

There will be a reception sponsored by the FEd following the session.

2007 APS Meetings

The FEd will sponsor invited paper sessions at the March, 2007 meeting in Dallas, and the April, 2007 meeting in Jacksonville, FL. We seek your suggestions for session topics and speakers. Volunteers to organize sessions are encouraged. Please send your suggestions to David Haase (david_haase@ncsu.edu) before August 15.


Message from the Chair by Peggy McMahan

JLab's Outreach Programs submitted by Douglas W. Higinbotham

The Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development Program
by Todd Clark and Jennifer Coughlin

Online Physics Education Resources from the American Museum of Natural History
by Robert V. Steiner

Improving Science Teaching in California
by Dick Farnsworth and Stanley F. Hitomi

Engaging Faculty Scientists in K-12 Education Collaborations by Elizabeth Stage

The San Diego Science Alliance:  Fostering Community Wide Industrial and Academic Outreach by Patricia Winter, Nancy Taylor, Christopher M. Smith and Rick Olson

Education in Nuclear Science:  A Status report and recommendations for the Beginning of the 21st Century by Peggy McMahan and Joseph Cerny

Nanosense: Introducing High School Students to Nanoscale Science
by Patricia Schank and Alyssa Wise

The Bose In Harmony With Education program by Jason Brisbois

The General Atomics Fusion Education Outreach Program by Rick Lee

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Teacher Preparation Section

A Note from the Teacher Preparation Section Editor by Chance Hoellwarth

The Learning Assistant Model for Teacher Education in Science and Technology by Valerie Otero

Undergraduate Learning Assistants at the University of Arkansas by Gay Stewart

Creating and Sustaining a Teaching and Learning Professional Community at Seattle Pacific University by Lane Seeley and Stamatis Vokos

Browsing the Journals  by Thomas D. Rossing   



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