2015 Excellence in Physics Education Award Recipient

The Excellence in Physics Education Award recognizes and honors a team or group of individuals (such as a collaboration), or exceptionally a single individual, who have exhibited a sustained commitment to excellence in physics education. The award may be a given for, but not necessarily restricted to, such accomplishments as: outreach programs; a specific program or project that has had a major ongoing influence on physics education at the national level; outstanding teacher enhancement or teacher preparation programs over a number of years; long-lasting professional service related to physics education that has had a demonstrated positive impact.

The Forum on Education is pleased to announce that this year’s award celebrates the contributions of an exceptional individual. In 2015, this award recognizes Edward (Joe) Redish from the University of Maryland. The citation reads,

"For leadership in the use of computers in physics education, applying cognitive research to improve student learning and critical thinking skills, tailoring physics instruction for nonphysicists, and guiding the field of physics education research through a period of significant growth."

Joe’s contributions to the field of Physics Education will be recognized in a special Award Session at the APS April Meeting in Baltimore.

The Award Session will be held on Saturday, April 11th at 1:30 PM.

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