FEd April 1995 Newsletter - letter from Patricia Schwarz

April 1995



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To the Editor:

I see a sharp edge discontinuity propagating between the discussions of "educators" on the subject of education reform from above, and the swift reorganization of the processes of information transmission and reception in our society as a whole. Discussions about how to hit the target better don't appear to be informed by the fact that the target is moving - accelerating, even. The days of good old-fashioned liberal education are gone forever. Mortimer Adler's book is already an anachronism, as is Mortimer Adler. I recommend that all "educators" immediately begin subscribing to "Wired" magazine. I was thinking of becoming a teacher myself, but now I realize that my particular talents as a communicator of science will be better put to use in the creation of multimedia physics educational software.

Patricia Schwarz