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Hanson, Ronald [2019]
Delft University of Technology
Citation: For pioneering experiments in quantum information science and quantum networking, including the first loophole-free Bell test.

Petta, Jason R [2019]
Princeton University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the field of semiconductor quantum devices, including coherent manipulation of electron spin states in double quantum wells, the realization of multi-qubit silicon-based quantum devices, and observation of single electron-single spin coupling in cavity quantum-dot circuits.

Ruskai, Mary Beth [2019]
University of Vermont
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the mathematical theory of quantum information, including the identification and solution of additivity problems and a proof of strong subadditivity of entropy, and for tirelessly building bridges between the field of quantum information and the broader mathematical community.

Vavilov, Maxim G [2019]
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Citation: For important contributions to several areas of quantum information, including the development of novel qubit manipulation and readout methods for superconducting qubits, and new insight into decoherence processes in semiconducting qubits.