Virtual Pressroom 2009

Major achievements in plasma research this year include 

  • Start of operations at the National Ignition Facility
  • Laser-based fusion experiment at Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California
  • Significant performance improvements in magnetically confined fusion experiments around the world
  • New approaches in computer simulation and theory that dramatically reduce the time needed for particular calculations related to the acceleration of electrons in plasma arising from the interaction of the plasma with an intense laser or intense electron beam
  • Generation of energetic heavy particles from the interaction of an intense laser with specially shaped targets

Highlights & Press Releases

American Physical Society Invites Atlanta to Discover Plasma
Dealing with Dust in ITER
Electron Self-Injection into an Evolving Plasma Bubble
High-Performance Plasmas May Make Reliable, Efficient Fusion Power a Reality
Laser-Plasma Accelerators Ride on Einstein's Shoulders
Lithium Calms the Edge Plasma in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
Magnetic Bumps + Super-Bananas = Mountain of Torque
Magnetic Mirrors are Simple Again
New Paradigm for Plasma Wave Simulations: Intergration from Antenna to Core Plasma
Researchers Use Trident Laser to Accelerate Protons to Record Energies
Ropes of Plasma: Onset and Stagnation of 3D Magnetic Reconnection
Upping the Power Triggers an Ordered Helical Plasma
Ways to Reduce Your Tokamak Heating Bill
World’s Highest-Energy, Short-Pulse Laser Sheds Light on Fast Ignition and High Energy Density Physics