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Chen, Hongyu [2013]
Dow Chemical Company
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the fundamental understanding of polymer viscoelasticity, phase behavior of polymer blends, deformation behavior of polymers, structure-property relationship of oriented polymers, and the application of polymer physics for product development.

Creton, Costantino [2013]
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the physics of adhesion, fracture and deformation of polymeric materials and nanocomposites.

Glinka, Charles J. [2013]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For development of world-class capabilities for small angle neutron scattering in North America, which has led to critical opportunities and advances in polymer and soft-matter science for over 1,000 scientists and engineers.

Ober, Christopher K. [2013]
Cornell University
Citation: For his pioneering efforts in synthesizing, characterizing, and processing functional polymers with tailored architectures for photolithography and self-assembly.

Rey, Alejandro [2013]
McGill University
Citation: For innovative mathematical modeling of polymers, fibers, liquid crystals, and biological membranes.

Schmidt-Rohr, Klaus [2013]
Iowa State University
Citation: For inventing and improving advanced solid-state NMR techniques that provide important new information about polymers, such as the Nafion used in fuel cells, those which occur naturally in plants and soils, and those which form nanocomposites in bone.

Zhao, Jiang [2013]
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For imaginative and successful applications of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy to polymer physics issues ranging from polyelectrolytes to chain crystallization.