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Epps lll, Thomas H. [2017]
University of Delawarre
Citation: For groundbreaking research examining the effects of block polymer interfacial energetics on the nanoscale self-assembly of macromolecules in bulk, thin film, and solution systems.

Mezzenga, Raffaele [2017]
ETH - Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the understanding and control of original self-assembly principles of complex materials with targeted functionalities

Pandey, Ras B. [2017]
University of Southern Mississippi
Citation: For insightful applications of the bond-fluctuation multi-grain method to the physics of polymernanocomposites and biopolymers.

Stafford, Christopher M. [2017]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For developing innovative techniques to enhance physical understanding of polymer thin films, including combinatorial arrays with controlled gradients, buckling methods to quantify modulus, and the layer-by-layer synthetic method to enhance structure-property relations polymer transport membranes.

Starr, Francis [2017]
Wesleyan University
Citation: For simulations studies elucidating fundamental aspects of glass formation in bulk, nanocomposite, and ultra-thin film polymer materials; the dynamics of lipid membranes; nanoparticle association in polymer matrices; and the assembly of DNA-grafted nanoparticles into lattice structures in solution.