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Foster, Mark D [2018]
The University of Akron
Citation: For the elucidation of molecular architecture effects on surface segregation and polymeric film surface fluctuations using neutron and X-ray scattering techniques.

Hayward, Ryan C. [2018]
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Citation: For developing innovative approaches to control the structure and properties of polymeric materials through processes of elastic buckling and self-assembly.

Osuji, Chinedum [2018]
Yale University
Citation: For insightful determination of the structure and functional properties of soft materials and especially the self-assembly and processing of polymers by the novel application of external fields such as chemical surface forces, magnetic fields and periodic pressure gradients.

Tanaka, Keiji [2018]
Kyushu University
Citation: For developing innovative methods that significantly enhance our understanding of the conformation, structure and relaxations of polymers confined to thin films and their interfaces with solid substrates, liquids, and other environments.