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Chabinyc, Michael L. [2019]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of relationships between structure and electronic properties of conjugated polymers, and the translation of these relationships to functional devices such as transistors and solar cells.

Roth, Connie Barbara [2019]
Emory University
Citation: For exceptional contributions to the understanding of glass transition and aging phenomena in polymer films and blends.

Vlassopoulos, Dimitris [2019]
FORTH and University of Crete
Citation: For seminal contributions to understanding the rheology of complex polymeric architectures and recognizing the need for carefully controlled polymers in these contexts.

Vogt, Bryan [2019]
The Pennsylvania State University
Citation: For insightful contributions to the understanding of polymer thin films and process-structure relationships of self-assembled polymers.

Xu, Ting [2019]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For the design and realization of hybrid polymers that open new and efficient paths to functional nanocomposites by elucidating the physics that control the rate and perfection of self-assembly.