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Grason, Gregory M. [2020]
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Citation: For elucidation of the role of molecular geometric packing frustration on the fundamental physics for the selection of complex self-assembled phases.

Hu, Wenbing [2020]
Nanjing University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the general field of polymer crystallization, in particular, for developing a statistical thermodynamic theory of polymer crystallization, and conducting molecular modeling to elucidate the physics of polymer chain-folding.

Jayaraman, Arthi [2020]
University of Delaware
Citation: For insightful development and use of molecular modeling, simulation, and theoretical studies of structure and thermodynamics in polymer nanocomposites, conjugated polymer blends, nucleic acids, and thermoresponsive peptide-polymer conjugates.

Mahanthappa, Mahesh K. [2020]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For fundamental and illuminating studies of self-assembly across multiple length-scales.

Reiter, Günter [2020]
University of Freiburg
Citation: For discoveries of dewetting of thin films driven by residual stresses, cloning of polymer crystals, and control of polymer properties using tunable processing pathways.