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Bauer, Christian W [2017]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For the development and application of soft-collinear effective theory, which resulted in new insights into strong interaction physics, with applications spanning flavor physics, jet physics, and Monte Carlo techniques.

Brice, Stephen J [2017]
Citation: For significant contributions to fundamental neutrino measurements fromthe SNO, MiniBooNE, and COUPP experiments, and in recognition of his leadership in the field of neutrino physics.

Carone, Christopher David [2017]
College of William & Mary
Citation: For contributions to the large N theory of baryons and to model building of physics beyond the standard model, including models of flavor, electroweak symmetry breaking, and extra dimensions.

Cooper, John Wesley [2017]
Citation: For the inception and scientific leadership of the off-axis long-baseline NOvA experiment and critical contributions to its design and construction, which continues to lead to a more complete understanding of neutrinos properties.

Everett, Lisa L [2017]
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Citation: For contributions to physics beyond the standard model and the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking, with an emphasis on seeking connections between the often disparate realms of observable particle physics and fundamental theory.

Leibovich, Adam K [2017]
University of Pittsburgh
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the heavy quark effective field theory and its application to the color-octet mechanism for quarkonium production.

McKinsey, Daniel [2017]
University of California - Berkeley
Citation: For development of liquified noble gases as particle detectors suitable for a wide range of rare processes, including dark matter interactions with normal matter and neutrinoless double beta decay.

Nomura, Yasunori [2017]
University of California - Berkeley
Citation: For pioneering contributions to a variety of areas of particle theory, including gauge unification in extra dimensions, electroweak symmetry breaking, supersymmetric models, dark matter, the multiverse, foundations of quantum mechanics, and black holes.

Paulini, Manfred [2017]
Carnegie Mellon University
Citation: For leadership in heavy flavor physics and research connecting particle physics to cosmology, including important contributions to searches for charge conjugation parity symmetry violation in rare B0s decays at Collider Detector at Fermilab and the production of dark matter in events with photons at CMS.

Pierce, Aaron Thomas [2017]
University of Michigan
Citation: For exceptional research in theoretical particle physics beyond the Standard Model and its experimental consequences, especially in dark matter and collider physics.

Porter, Frank C [2017]
Citation: For contributions to the study of heavy quarks, especially his vital involvement in the measurement of CP symmetry violation in B^0 decays with the BABAR Collaboration, and for his expertise and mentorship in the rigorous statistical treatment of experimental data.

Strom, David M [2017]
University of Oregon
Citation: For leadership on the ATLAS experiment, particularly related to trigger and data acquisition, and for contributions to the ATLAS physics outcomes, including the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Walter, Christopher William [2017]
Duke University
Citation: For experimental study of neutrino oscillation physics including the first observations of neutrino flavor appearance and the systematic study of neutrino flavor disappearance, using atmospheric and long-baseline neutrinos with the Super-Kamiokande, K2K, and T2K experiments.