Approved new MOU between IEEE-NPSS, APS-DPB and PAC OC for planning, management and operation of xPAC conferences held in the Americas

Since 1993 we have been using a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint sponsorship of the U.S. Particle Accelerator Conferences between IEEE-NPSS and APS-DPB, with the PAC OC responsible for planning, managing and operating the successful conferences. Over the past 23 years, many changes have occurred in conference plans, management and operations. Because of all of these changes, it was important to consider a new MoU for planning, managing and operating xPACs (the IPACs held in the Americas and the NA-PACs held in North America) in the future.

During 2016 a team worked on a new MoU that would meet present requirements and those of the near future. This new MoU for joint sponsorship was discussed with the important organizations responsible for maintaining the successful conference series, eventually leading to approval of a new MoU prior to the end of 2016. Approvals for the new MoU from the organizations involved in the joint sponsorship were obtained as follows: APS-DPB EC approval 2016 October 9, IEEE-NPSS PAST TC ExCom approval 2016 October 11, PAC OC approval 2016 October 13 and lastly IEEE-NPSS AdCom approval 2016 November 5. Following this latter approval, dated signatures from the officials in charge of the four involved organizations at the time of the organization approvals were added to the document (“Approved-New-MoU.pdf”) displayed below.

Approved New MoU format_pdf