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APS April Meeting 2017

Session J

J12.00002: Determining fragmentation dynamics through a study of neutron multiplicity at the NSCL
Sharon Stephenson, Peter Christ, Maria Mazza

J12.00003: Supernovae neutrino pasta interaction
Zidu Lin, Charles Horowitz, Matthew Caplan, Donald Berry, Luke Roberts

J12.00004: Low energy excitations of the neutron star core
Sanjay Reddy

J12.00005: Astrophysical reaction rates from a symmetry-informed first-principles perspective
Alison Dreyfuss, Kristina Launey, Robert Baker, Jerry Draayer, Tomas Dytrych

J12.00006: A measurement of the parity violating asymmetry in the neutron capture on $^3$He at the SNS.
Latiful Kabir

J12.00007: PUSHing Core-Collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry: Explodability and Nucleosynthesis Yields
Sanjana Sinha, Kevin Ebinger, Carla Frohlich, Albino Perego, Matthias Hempel, Matthias Liebendoerfer, F.-K. Thielemann