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APS April Meeting 2016

Session M

M9.00001: A-dependence of the Spectra of the F Isotopes from ab initio Calculations
Bruce R. Barrett, Erdal Dikmen, Pieter Maris, James P. Vary, Andrey M. Shirokov

M9.00002: Coupled-cluster theory computation of the nuclear electric dipole polarizability
Sonia Bacca, Mirko Miorelli, Nir Barnea, Gaute Hagen, Giuseppina Orlandini, Thomas Papenbrock

M9.00004: Large Scale Quantum Simulations of Nuclear Pasta
Farrukh J. Fattoyev, Charles J. Horowitz, Bastian Schuetrumpf

M9.00008: Nuclear Checker Board Model
Theodore Lach