DTL Application

The application deadlines occur twice a year: May 30 and November 30, for proposed visits roughly six-twelve months in the future.

We cannot guarantee an applicant's first choice of speaker and time, since there is competition within the program. Ordinarily, DTL visits to an institution should be three years apart.

Please E-mail Your Application To:
Rainer Grobe, the DTL Committee chair (grobe@ilstu.edu) and also to Rohit Prasankumar (rpprasan@lanl.gov), the DLS Secretary-Treasurer.

In your application:

  1. Please provide details on your geographical location and on your normal seminar schedule and budget, and explain whether these are limiting factors in your ability to bring in top level speakers on your own.
  2. Please clarify that there will be a public lecture to a lay audience and a separate talk of some type in the department. Please explain ways by which you will advertise the lectures to a wide audience.
  3. Please provide details on the size and nature of your institution, your undergraduate major's program, your graduate program (if offered), and the number of faculty and students who are likely to interact in different ways with the visitor.
  4. Please provide a tentative (model) 2-day schedule, showing intended visits with faculty, students or student groups, classes, receptions, dinners, lunches with students (these are only examples of possible activities, but ones which we believe are useful). There needs to be a "full" schedule of intense interactions planned out for their visits, so that the DTLs will be productive during their visit.
  5. If your application involves more than one department or institution, please provide name and email address of a contact person at the other unit, and details of the interaction.
  6. Please indicate whether your department has had a DTL visitor before.
  7. Please provide a rank-ordered list of all DTLs that are of interest for your institution.

Bose-Einstein condensate

Former Distinguished Traveling Lecturer Dr. Eric Cornell is a professor of physics at Colorado and a JILA scientist. He helped discover the Bose-Einstein condensate, for which he received the Nobel prize in 2001.