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Baker, John G [2017]
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Citation: For groundbreaking contributions in gravitational-wave simulations of binary black holes and other numerous contributions in gravitational-wave data analysis in support of future space-based gravitational wave mission, such as LISA.

Creighton, Jolien D [2017]
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Citation: For pioneering contributions to gravitational-wave physics including the development and implementation of search algorithms within LIGO, estimation of rates of astrophysical signals, and the developing methods to measure the equation of state of neutron stars.

Evans, Charles R [2017]
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Citation: For pioneering work in numerical relativity including early added examples of critical collapse; contributions in astrophysics including tidal disruption, eclipsing pulsars, and the constrained transport algorithm in magnetohydrodynamics; and work on the gravitational self-force.

Gustafson, Eric Keith [2017]
Citation: For leadership in establishing the concept for Advanced LIGO, the development of ultra-stable high-power solid-state lasers, high-reflectivity low-thermal-noise mirrors, and other essential optical components necessary for gravitational wave detectors.

Holz, Daniel [2017]
University of Chicago
Citation: For contributions to relativistic cosmology including the effect of gravitational lensing of distant SNe on measuring cosmic distances, the use of standard sirens to precisely determine cosmic distances, and his significant role in LIGO discovery of gravitational waves.

Mandic, Vuk [2017]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For significant contributions to searches for primordial gravitational waves using LIGO data and for pioneering studies of the ultimate limits to low frequency sensitivity of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors.