2013 Winners of the Gallery of Fluid Motion Awards

2013 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Video)

V058. The life of a vortex knot**
Dustin Kleckner, Martin Scheeler, William T. M. Irvine, University of Chicago

V036. Ignition sequence of an annular multi-injector combustor**
Maxime Philip, Matthieu Boileau, Ronan Vicquelin, Thomas Schmitt, Daniel Durox, Jean-François Bourgoin, Sébastien Candel, Ecole Centrale Paris, France

V053. Catastrophic cracking courtesy of quiescent cavitation**
D. Jesse Daily, Ken Langley, Scott L. Thomson, Tadd T. Truscott, Brigham Young University

2013 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Video)

V067. Acoustophoretic Waltz: A contactless exothermal reaction
Daniele Foresti, Dimos Poulikakos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

V032. Elastic swimmer on a free surface
Sophie Ramananarivo, Benjamin Thiria, Ramiro Godoy-Diana, ESPCI ParisTech / U. Paris Diderot, France

V045. Dancing droplets
Nate J. Cira, Manu Prakash, Stanford University

2013 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Poster)

P022. Rayleigh-Taylor instability in artistic creation**
Elsa de la Calleja, Sandra Zetina, Roberto Zenit, UNAM, Mexico

P021. Formation and evolution of cylindrically diverging detonation waves in gases**
Duowen Qian, John H.S. Lee, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Hoi Dick Ng, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

P009. Boundary layer bypass transition**
Xiaohua Wu, Royal Military College of Canada; Parviz Moin, CTR, Stanford University

2013 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Poster)

P024. Jelly Christmas: Induced drift in juvenile jellyfish
Janna Nawroth, John Dabiri, Caltech

P020. Bubbles in complex microgeometries at large capillary numbers
Martin Sauzade, Thomas Cubaud, Stony Brook University

P017. The Morning Glory cloud: flow visualization by nature
Zaim Ouazzani, MIT; Jorg Hacker, Flinders University; Rob Thompson, Baddog Productions; Thomas Peacock, MIT

** Top 3 videos and top 3 posters (green highlighted) are selected for Milton van Dyke awards.