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Bodenschatz, Eberhard [2003]
Cornell University
Citation: For illuminating experiments on Rayleigh-Be'nard convection and directional solidification, for ground breaking measurements of acceleration in fully developed turbulence, and for significant contributions to understanding electro-convection in liquid crystals.

Denn, Morton Mace [2003]
City College of New York
Citation: For outstanding contributions to non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and polymer rheology, especially his pioneering studies on the stability of viscoelastic flow and the causes and effects of wall slip.

Faeth, Gerard M [2003]
University of Michigan
Citation: For contributions to understanding the dynamics of liquid breakup in sprays, the properties of self-preserving turbulent flows and the mechanism of turbulence generation in dispersed multiphase flows.

Harlow, Francis Harvey [2003]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For his contributions to our understanding of low-speed, free-surface, and turbulent flow through computational modeling, and his invention of completely original methods to address these issues.

Hinch, E. John [2003]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For many contributions to complex fluids, including novel ideas and physical insight combined with asymptotic and numerical studies, which have illuminated suspension mechanics, viscous, multiphase and viscoelastic flows, and electrokinetics.

Linden, Paul Frederick [2003]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For fundamental contributions to geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics, gained by a combination of elegant laboratory experiments, deep physical insight, and penetrating mathematical analysis.

Moffatt, Henry Keith [2003]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For lasting contributions to the interaction between turbulence and electromagnetic fields in conducting fluids, the role of helicity in hydrodynamic turbulence and topological fluid dynamics.

Reed, Helen Louise [2003]
Arizona State University
Citation: For her innovative research in boundary-layer stability and receptivity, and her leadership in promoting and communicating fluid dynamics.

Stone, Howard A. [2003]
Harvard University
Citation: For pioneering work on the dynamics of complex fluids in small-scale systems.

Williamson, Charles H.K. [2003]
Cornell University
Citation: For imaginative, innovative experiments that have injected new life into the study of wake dynamics behind bluff bodies and of trailing vortices.