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Blythe, Philip A. [1995]
Lehigh University
Citation: For consistent work of outstanding originality in fluid mechanics and chemically reacting flows. Specifically for seminal contributions to non-equilibrium nozzle flows, shock and detonation processes and buoyancy driven motions.

Mansour, Nagi Nicholas [1995]
NASA Ames Research Center
Citation: For his leading role in the use of numerical simulations to investigate fundamental problems of fluid mechanics including turbulence and drop and bubble flows.

Matalon, Moshe [1995]
Northwestern University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the mathematical theory of flame propagation including the dynamics and stability of flame fronts, and to the mathematical modeling of diverse combustion problems.

Morris, Philip John [1995]
Pennsylvania State University
Citation: For contributions to the aeroacoustics and stability of supersonic jets, the hydrodynamic stability of compliant wall boundary layers and the modeling of large scale structures in turbulent free shear flows.

Powell, Robert Louis [1995]
University of California, Davis
Citation: For contributions to the fluid mechanics of suspensions and the development of experimental techniques.