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Cattafesta, Lou [2017]
Florida State University
Citation: For seminal contributions in active flow control and aeroacoustics, including real-time closed-loop control, design tools for actuators and micro-electro-mechanical flow sensors, design and characterization of unique aeroacoustic facilities, and phased-array beamforming methods.

Chakraborty, Suman [2017]
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Citation: For advancing the understanding of key transport mechanisms in microfluidics including electrohydrodynamic coupling in the presence of hydrophobic interactions; for contributions to the understanding of electrokinetic transport of blood through microchannels; and for medical device development.

Eldredge, Jeff [2017]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For significant contributions to the computational and theoretical modeling of vortex dynamics including agile flight and bio-inspired locomotion, fluid-structure interaction, flow-acoustic interaction, and vortex models and particle methods.

Gotoh, Toshiyuki [2017]
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
Citation: For insightful contributions to understanding intermittency, scaling and passive scalar statistics in turbulence through innovative uses of high-resolution simulations, and statistical theory.

Jovanovic, Mihailo R. [2017]
University of Southern California
Citation: For profound contributions to stability and flow control, and the application of control-theoretic and optimization techniques to the analysis of wall-bounded shear flows, drag reduction, and viscoelastic fluids.

Julien, Keith A. [2017]
University Colorado Boulder
Citation: For theoretical and numerical contributions to understanding rotating thermal convection and its applications to geophysical and astrophysical phenomena.

Kim, Ho-Young [2017]
Seoul National University
Citation: For innovative contributions to micro-scale fluid dynamics at the interfaces of fluids and solids, and to biologically inspired hydrodynamics.

Kondic, Lou [2017]
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Citation: For understanding of complex fluid dynamics, from thin films to granular flows.

Llewellyn Smith, Stefan Gregory [2017]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For excellence in theoretical fluid mechanics and applied mathematics that has led to several original contributions in geophysical flows and vortex dynamics.

Vanka, Surya P [2017]
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Citation: For pioneering development of multigrid algorithms used to compute incompressible flows, and lasting contributions to simulation of complex laminar and turbulent flows, including turbulence-driven secondary flows, particle transport, continuous casting of steel, and Dean vortices in curved channels.

Zhang, Jun [2017]
New York University
Citation: For elegant and artful experiments that have moved fluid-structure interactions into the scientific mainstream, and which have inspired their study in physics, biology, engineering, geophysics, and applied mathematics.