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Castillo, Luciano [2019]
Purdue University
Citation: For demonstrating the importance of the initial conditions of scaling arguments in turbulent boundary layers, and for demonstrating the importance of turbulence in wind energy, and for mentoring and creating new opportunities for under-represented minorities in fluid dynamics.

Gallaire, Francois [2019]
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Citation: For fundamental contributions to hydrodynamic instability, balanced on the tripod of theory, numerics and experiments, with an emphasis on predictive theoretical understanding of vortex dynamics, droplets, coating flows, and theoretical microfluidics.

Garaud, Pascale [2019]
University of California, Santa Cruz
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of astrophysical double diffusion, especially the formation of layers and staircases.

Haller, George [2019]
ETH Zurich
Citation: For numerous contributions to nonlinear dynamics as applied to fluid flows, including stochastic transport, Lagrangian methods for coherent vortices and structure identification, and applications to geophysical transport processes, mixing, and suspension flows.

Iaccarino, Gianluca [2019]
Stanford University
Citation: For seminal contributions to turbulence modeling, developments in advanced numerical methods for complex flows, and pioneering research in uncertainty quantification for turbulent flow simulations.

Juel, Anne [2019]
University of Manchester
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of instabilities and dynamics of free surfaces, interfaces, and bubbles, gained by combining precision laboratory experiments with mathematical modeling.

Lindner, Anke [2019]
Paris University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the physics of complex fluids, interfacial flow instabilities, purely elastic instabilities, flexible fibers in Newtonian and complex fluids, active matter, and the pioneering use of microfluidic experiments in these fields.

Monismith, Stephen [2019]
Stanford University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the field of environmental fluid mechanics through innovative field studies of flows on coral reefs, and for increasing the understanding of stratified turbulence and flows and biophysical interactions in estuaries and the nearshore coastal ocean.

Prestridge, Katherine P [2019]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For thoughtfully designed experiments on shock-driven mixing and turbulence, and for developing advanced flow diagnostics that bring insights to the understanding of mixing in extreme flows.

Vlahovska, Petia M. [2019]
Northwestern University
Citation: For pioneering work on problems in interfacial flows and soft matter, including the fluid-structure interaction in Stokes flow, the mechanics of biomembranes, and electrohydrodynamics.

Waters, Sarah L [2019]
Oxford University
Citation: For exposing the intricate fluid mechanics of biomedical systems and impactfully analyzing them with elegant mathematics.