January 2009

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Important dates

Child Care grants through APS Deadline: 15 Jan 2009

APS March Meeting Registration deadline (lower fees): 21 Jan 2009
APS March Meeting Housing deadline: 21 Jan 2009

Nomination deadline for 2009 APS Fellowship through DCP: 01 Feb 2009

APS March Meeting Late Registration deadline (higher fees): 13 Feb 2009
APS March Meeting Housing deadline: 13 Feb 2009

Dependent Child Care Award applications through DCP deadline: 17 Feb 2009

Nomination deadline for 2010 Plyler Prize due: 01 Jul 2009

Nomination deadline for 2011 Broida Prize: 01 Jul 2010
Nomination deadline for 2011 Langmuir Prize due: 01 Jul 2010

Graduate Student Travel Awards

In the fall, the DCP offered Graduate Student Travel Awards for students who become members of the DCP and present in a DCP-sponsored session. We are pleased to announce the 13 winners of the 2009 DCP GSTA competition:

  • Mila Adamska, Department of Physics, University of South Florida, Tampa
  • Luyuan Zhang, Department of Physics, Ohio State University
  • Matt Krems, Department of Physics, UC-San Diego
  • Yonghui Li, Department of Physics, University of Missouri, Columbus
  • Gabriel Just, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University
  • Peter Elliot, Department of Chemistry, UC-Irvine
  • Travis Ruthenburg, UC-Davis
  • Soohwan Sul, UC-Irvine
  • Joe Henrich, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University
  • Thayaparan Paramanthan, Department of Physics, Northeastern University
  • Jun Soo Kim, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Tingting Qi, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
  • Cheng Y. Tang, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University

Please congratulate our GSTA winners when you see them at the meeting!

DCMP/DMP/DCOMP/DCP Fellows and Award Winners Reception at 2009 March Meeting Pittsburgh

At this year's APS March Meeting, the DCP will join with the DCOMP, DCMP, and DMP to recognize fellowship and award recipients from our divisions. The reception will be on Tuesday, March 17, from 5:30PM - 7:00PM. Hope to see you all there, to congratulate our award and fellowship winners!

2008 APS Fellows and 2009 Fellowship Nominations

The DCP is pleased to congratulate the newest APS fellows elected through the division.

We encourage the nomination for fellowship of deserving candidates. Nominations for 2009 APS Fellowship to be considered by the DCP Fellowship Committee should be made before the deadline, which will be 1 February 2009. Instructions for submitting a nomination for consideration next year are included on the APS website.

DCP Elections for 2009-10 Officers

The DCP is pleased to announce the results of our divisional officer election:

Member at large (03/09-03/12): Jim Lisy
Vice-chair (03/09-03/10): Birgitta Whaley
Councilor (1/09-12/12): Nancy Levinger

Congratulations to our newest officers!

Upcoming Conferences of possible interest to DCP Membership

Solar Energy Capture and Conversion: Materials, Challenges, and Breakthroughs
Feb 7, 2009
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Chair: Andrew M. Rappe

Free registration at http://www.energy.upenn.edu/solar09reg.html, email Maria Mizak for more info.

Titan Chemistry: Observations, Experiments, Computation, Modeling
Feb 26-28, 2009
Caribe Hilton
San Juan, PR
Chair: Arthur Suits
Vice-chairs: Ralf Kaiser, Alex Mebel, Ian Sims

2009 Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Collisions
July 5-10, 2009
Snowbird, Utah
Chair: Anne McCoy
Vice-chair: David Nesbitt

Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
July 6 - July 24, 2009
Boulder, CO

Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Fundamental Problems and Applications

The 2009 Boulder School will be devoted to non-equilibrium systems (introduction, classic models, and recent developments), non-equilibrium work theorems and fluctuation relations, reaction-diffusion and interacting particle systems, non-equilibrium dynamics in magnets, driven elastic systems and soft matter: out of equilibrium: polymers, colloids, membranes.

The goals of this school are twofold: First, to provide a pedagogical introduction and overview of the fundamentals and recent progress in non-equilibrium statistical physics for graduate students and postdocs working in both theory and experiment, and second, to point out opportunities for fruitful future developments.

The electronic application form (deadline February 27, 2009) as well as logistical information and more details on the program are available on the School's main web page.