APS Fellowship

Fellowship in the American Physical Society is a great honor. In accordance with the APS Constitution,

"there shall be elected to Fellowship only such Members who have contributed to the advancement of physics by independent, original research or who have rendered some other special service to the cause of the sciences."

All DCP members are invited to nominate deserving colleagues as potential Fellows of the APS. Information on the APS Fellowship Program is available from the APS Fellowship page and nomination forms can also be downloaded. Nominations for the Division of Chemical Physics are due in February of each year.

Gray arrow DCP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, April 1, 2019
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCP  

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Ernst, Wolfgang Erhard [1997]
Pennsylvania State University
Citation: For his contributions to high resolution laser spectroscopy of diatomic molecules at high sensitivity and definitive spectroscopic experiments on alkali trimers and their interpretation.

George, Steven M. [1997]
University of Colorado, Boulder
Citation: For advancements in our understanding of gas-surface energy transfer dynamics, surface kinetics and diffusion processes, environmental chemistry at gas-surface interfaces, heterogeneous catalysis, and chemically controlled eptiaxy of novel thin film materials.

Kolb, Charles E. [1997]
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Citation: For his design and utilization of innovative methods to study gas phase and heterogeneous chemical kinetics and to monitor trace species concentrations and fluxes in environmental and industrial processes.

Ladanyi, Branka Maria [1997]
Colorado State University
Citation: For her insightful contributions to the molecular theory of fluids and its applications to solvation, optical response and dielectric properties.

Osgood, Richard M. [1997]
Columbia University
Citation: For pioneering work initiating and fundamental studies elucidating light-induced chemical reactions on surfaces.

Sibener, Steven J. [1997]
University of Chicago
Citation: For elucidating physical and chemical processes at surfaces by inelastic helium scattering and other means.

Skinner, James Lauriston [1997]
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theory of spectroscopy and dynamics in liquids, glasses, and crystals.

Stratt, Richard Mark [1997]
Brown University
Citation: For major contributions to our understanding of the microscopic origins of collective vibrational motions (instantaneous norm modes) in liquids and their ramifications for ultrafast spectroscopy and liquid dynamics in general.

Tycko, Robert [1997]
National Institutes of Health
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of novel materials, to nuclear magnetic resonance methods for probing novel materials, and to the fundamental principles of magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Voth, Gregory Alan [1997]
University of Utah
Citation: For his pioneering work on the theory of condensed phase processes, including quantum dynamics, interfacial electron transfer and quantum and classical activated dynamics.