APS Fellowship

Fellowship in the American Physical Society is a great honor. In accordance with the APS Constitution,

"there shall be elected to Fellowship only such Members who have contributed to the advancement of physics by independent, original research or who have rendered some other special service to the cause of the sciences."

All DCP members are invited to nominate deserving colleagues as potential Fellows of the APS. Information on the APS Fellowship Program is available from the APS Fellowship page and nomination forms can also be downloaded. Nominations for the Division of Chemical Physics are due in February of each year.

Gray arrow DCP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Friday, May 1, 2020
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCP  

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Hu, Yun Hang [2020]
Michigan Technological University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the dynamic control of structures and properties for carbon nanomaterials in their chemical synthesis, for the discovery of phase-disorder effects on memristive behaviors of metal sulfides, and for advances in chemical physics of catalysis and photocatalysis.

Roke, Sylvie [2020]
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Citation: For seminal contributions to the theory and practice of nonlinear optical scattering and imaging technologies to enable pioneering molecular level studies of complex aqueous systems and their interfaces.

Subotnik, Joseph E. [2020]
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For pioneering advances in understanding the nature of nonadiabatic processes and merging electronic structure with chemical dynamics, advances that have allowed us to better model photo-induced processes and dissipation at metal-molecule interfaces.

Zapol, Peter [2020]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to computational methods in novel materials systems including nanostructures, surfaces, and interfaces for energy-related applications.