Call for Nominations for DCMP Election

Dear DCMP Members:

We seek your assistance in identifying suitable candidates to stand for election to
  • the position of Vice-Chair of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics
  • the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics
  • the position of Member-at-Large of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics.

The election is to be held in mid-October and elected candidates would begin their terms in March 2015.

The Nominations Committee seeks as wide an input as possible. Prospective candidates should be considered for their scientific standing and activity, their history of involvement with DCMP and the APS, for the perspective they would bring to the activities of the Division and their likelihood of service to DCMP if elected.

Some information about the positions:
  • The position of the Vice Chair of DCMP is a four-year commitment: after a year as Vice-Chair the officer becomes in successive years the Chair Elect, Chair, and then Past Chair — each with distinct duties. The Chair Officers play a crucial role in providing leadership in organizing the scientific content of the March Meeting and in representing condensed matter physics within the American Physical Society.
  • The position of Secretary-Treasurer is a four-year commitment. The Secretary-Treasurer serves as an Officer of the Division and has broad duties that include managing the finances of the Division, communicating with Division members, and running the annual Division election.
  • The Members-at-Large (we need to elect three this year) serve a three-year term; they constitute the Fellowship Committee, help select the Invited Symposia and Invited Talks for the March meeting and provide advice on issues important to the Division.

Identifying excellent candidates who can provide a broad view of the diverse field that is condensed matter physics is key to maintaining the vitality of DCMP. Please help us identify such candidates. You may suggest names by completing the web form at the Call for Nominations page.

When doing so, please include a few supportive and explanatory remarks for each potential candidate you recommend. Your remarks will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the members of the Nominations Committee. We need to hear from you by 1 August 2014 to fully consider your suggestions for candidates.

The Committee will consider the suggestions it receives and select at least two candidates for each position.

You may view the list of the current DCMP Executive Committee, including the Chair line and the Members-at-Large, at the Executive Committee page. The Members-at-Large who are rotating off are Paul Canfield, Cristina Marchetti and Ali Yazdani.

Attracting and serving a diverse and inclusive membership worldwide is a primary goal for APS. In calling for nominations, we wish to remind you how important it is to give full consideration to qualified women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States.

Please submit your suggestions for candidates for specific offices as soon as possible, but in any case by 1 August 2014.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

The 2014 Nominations Committee:
Frances Hellman
Alan Macdonald
Andy Millis (Chair)
Leo Radzihovsky