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The Division is able to elect each year one-half of one percent of the current membership. Nominations may be made at any time, but only those received by the deadline will be considered for action in that year.

Gray arrow DCMP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, February 4, 2019
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCMP  

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Ando, Yoichi [2018]
University of Cologne
Citation: For ground-breaking experiments on quantum materials, especially high-Tc cuprate superconductors, topological insulators, and topological superconductors.

Babaev, Egor [2018]
Royal Institute of Technology
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the theory of multicomponent superconductors and superfluids.

Dai, Xi [2018]
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Citation: For contribution in using ab initio calculations to pinpoint the material systems that realized quantum anomalous Hall effect, the Weyl Fermion, and 3D topological insulators.

Fogler, Michael M. [2018]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For contributions to the theory of electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional systems, in particular, charge-density waves in the quantum Hall effect regime and near-field optical phenomena in van der Waals materials.

Goldhaber-Gordon, David J. [2018]
Stanford University
Citation: For pioneering experimental studies using nano-lithographic techniques to explore the properties of electronic states in graphene, topological insulators and systems in which quantum entanglement plays a central role.

Hu, Jiangping [2018]
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For seminal contributions to iron-based superconductors and other strongly correlated electron systems and to the theory of higher dimensional quantum Hall effect.

Jarillo-Herrero, Pablo [2018]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For seminal contributions to quantum electronic transport and optoelectronics in van der Waals materials and heterostructures.

Kee, Hae-Young [2018]
University of Toronto
Citation: For contributions to the theory of quantum materials including unconventional superconductors, nematic electronic phases, and novel topological phases that result from interplay between strong electron-electron interactions and spin-orbit coupling.

Ludwig, Andreas W. [2018]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For seminal contributions to the theory of criticality, disorder, and topological phases of matter.

Mason, Nadya [2018]
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For seminal contributions to the understanding of electronic transport in low dimensional conductors, mesoscopic superconducting systems, and topological quantum materials.

Matsuda, Masaaki [2018]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For important contributions to the study of spin-lattice effects in frustrated magnets and to the study of electronic phase separation and magnetic excitations in lightly-doped high-Tc cuprate superconductors in using neutron scattering.

Mitra, Aditi [2018]
New York University
Citation: For pioneering theoretical studies of out-of-equilibrium quantum systems, including nonequilibrium criticality, topological phenomena under time-periodic driving, and the dynamics of entanglement statistics.

Morosan, Emilia [2018]
Rice University
Citation: For experimental contributions to the understanding of correlated magnetic and superconducting materials, through the synthesis and study of unconventional magnetic systems, heavy fermion compounds and superconductors.

Narayan, Abhay P. [2018]
Columbia University
Citation: For the innovative use of scanning tunneling spectroscopy to elucidate the physics of electronic order in quantum materials.

Wu, Congjun [2018]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For research in helical edge liquids of topological insulators, itinerant magnetism, novel states of matter including cold fermions with high symmetries, orbital physics in optical lattices, spinorbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates, and for work on the quantum Monte-Carlo sign problem.

Zaliznyak, Igor A. [2018]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For innovative use of neutron scattering to probe quantum materials and leadership in development of the corresponding instrumentation.