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Connolly, Amy L [2019]
Ohio State University
Citation: For contributions to experimental and theoretical studies of ultrahigh energy neutrinos, and to searches for these neutrinos using radio techniques.

Corsi, Alessandra [2019]
Texas Tech University
Citation: For major contributions to the discovery of both gravitational wave sources and their electromagnetic counterparts.

Cui, Wei [2019]
Tsinghua University
Citation: For multiwavelength contributions to observations of black hole phenomena, including the study of jets related to both stellar mass and super massive black holes, the elucidation of the acceleration mechanisms in active galactic nuclei, and the relation of X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations to Lense–Thirring precession.

Ghez, Andrea M [2019]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For the advancement of diffraction-limited observing techniques and pathbreaking measurements that established the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and made possible a variety of other discoveries.

Jha, Saurabh W [2019]
Rutgers University
Citation: For critical contributions to a deeper understanding of Type Ia supernovae, and to their exploitation as cosmological probes.

Mathieu, Robert D. [2019]
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Citation: For pioneering studies of binary stars in clusters, including the discovery of alternative pathways of stellar evolution, and for building a national network on the principle of integrating research, teaching, and learning in STEM education to prepare our nation’s future faculty.

Williams, David A [2019]
University of California, Santa Cruz
Citation: For contributions to the study of gamma rays from extragalactic sources such as gamma-ray bursts and blazars, for using gamma-ray data to test cosmological models of the extragalactic background light, and for leadership in the development of past, present, and future ground-based gamma-ray telescopes.