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The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who may have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. They may also have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics or service and participation in the activities of the Society. Each year, no more than one-half of one percent of the then current membership of the Society are recognized by their peers for election to the status of Fellow in The American Physical Society.

Fellowship nominations may be submitted by anyone who is a member of the APS in good standing. All members of DAMOP are strongly encouraged to nominate colleagues whom they consider worthy of this recognition. See the Fellowship nomination information page for guidance on submitting nominations.
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APS Fellows Nominated by DAMOP  

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Andersen, Nils Overgaard [2005]
Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
Citation: For his contribution to the study of atomic collision processes through electron and photon polarization analysis and the systematic development of quantum-mechanically complete descriptions.

Aspect, Alain Jean [2005]
Laboratoire Charles Fabry, France
Citation: For his trailblazing experimental tests of Bell's inequalities, and seminal contributions to laser cooling and atom optics.

Crowe, Albert [2005]
Newcastle University
Citation: For his carefully designed, state of the art measurements of electron scattering from atoms and molecules, which have provided very stringent tests for theoretical collision models.

DeMille, David P. [2005]
Yale University
Citation: For his pioneering experimental searches for violations of discrete symmetries in atoms and molecules and for his development of trapped polar molecules as potential systems for quantum computing.

Deutsch, Ivan H. [2005]
University of New Mexico
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theory of optical lattices and quantum logic using neutral atoms.

Gibble, Kurt E. [2005]
Pennsylvania State University
Citation: For innovative contributions to laser-cooled atomic clocks and ultra-cold atom-atom scattering.

Kasevich, Mark A. [2005]
Stanford University
Citation: For pioneering studies of laser cooling, atom interferometry, and Bose-Einstein condensation.

Knill, Emmanuel H. [2005]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For fundamental contributions to our understanding of the control and manipulation of quantum systems, including quantum error correction, determination of tolerable error rates, and linear optics quantum computing.

Kocharovskaya, Olga [2005]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For her pioneering works on lasing without inversion, electromagnetically induced transparency, and laser control of gamma-ray nuclear transitions.

McCormack, Elizabeth F. [2005]
Bryn Mawr College
Citation: For contributions to the development of novel four-wave mixing techniques for the study of molecular Rydberg states, and for efforts to advance the state of undergraduate physics education.

Monroe, Christopher Roy [2005]
University of Michigan
Citation: For contributions to the use of laser-cooled trapped atomic ions in quantum control applications and for quantum information science.

Pachucki, Krzysztof [2005]
Warsaw University, Porland
Citation: For his numerous contributions to the theory of quantum electrodynamics, in particular evaluation of higher order corrections to the one and two-loop Lamb shift.

Tiesinga, Eite [2005]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For pioneering work on the measurement and control of cold atomic collisions by scattering resonances.

Walraven, Joannes Theodorus Maria [2005]
Van der Waals-Zeeman Institut, Netherlands
Citation: For pioneering experimental and theoretical contributions to the physics of quantum gases.

Walters, Harry Robert James [2005]
The Queen's University, UK
Citation: For many significant contributions to atomic collision theory.

Zubairy, Muhammad Suhail [2005]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For his pioneering and wide ranging contributions in quantum optics with special emphasison quantum computing and quantum noise quenching in lasers and optical amplifiers.