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62nd Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference

October 20-23, 2009
Saratoga Springs, NY

Sorting Categories

1.0 Atomic and Molecular Processes
1.1 Electron and photon collisions with atoms and molecules
1.2 Heavy particle interactions: ion-atom, ion- switches and others
1.3 Dissociation, recombination and attachment
1.4 Molecular clusters and many-body problems
1.5 Computational methods for atomic and molecular processes
1.6 Distribution functions and transport coefficients for electrons and ions
1.7 Near-threshold collision processes
1.8 Slow collisions
1.9 Collisions with complex targets
1.10 Ionization of atoms and molecules
1.11 Other atomic and molecular collision phenomena

2.0 Plasma Topics
2.1 Glows: dc, pulsed, rf, microwave, inductive, others
2.2 Coronas, breakdown, and sparks
2.3 Capacitively coupled plasmas
2.4 Inductively coupled plasmas
2.5 Magnetically-enhanced plasmas: ECR, helicon, magnetron, others
2.6 Dielectric barrier discharges, displays
2.7 High pressure glow discharges
2.8 Thermal plasmas: arcs, jets, switches, others
2.9 Laser media, kinetics, processes
2.10 Lighting plasmas: glows, arcs, flat panels, novel sources, others
2.11 Plasma diagnostics: optical, electrical, others
2.12 Plasma chemistry: atmospheric, gas phase, surface
2.13 Plasma boundaries: sheaths, boundary layers, others
2.14 Dusty plasmas
2.15 Negative ion plasmas
2.16 Plasma instabilities
2.17 Computational methods for plasmas
2.18 Plasma-surface interactions
2.19 Materials processing in low pressure plasmas: etching, deposition, new materials
2.20 Environmental applications
2.21 Treatment of textiles
2.22 Biological and emerging applications of plasmas
2.23 Plasma propulsion and Aerodynamics
2.24 Helicon, magnetron and other plasma sources
2.25 Interaction of plasmas with nanostructures - implantation, irradiation, others
2.26 Innovative plasma applications
2.27 Other plasma topics
2.28 Special Session on Plasma Ion Implantation
2.29 Workshop on Advances in the Kinetic Description of Low-Temperature Plasmas: Applications to Modeling and Simulation
2.30: Plasma aided implantation
2.31: GEC/CNSE: interaction of gasous discharges with micro and nanostructures

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