Complete List of Previous Symposia

Year Location Host Topic
2013 Fall Pleasantville, NY Pace University (Westchester) Physics in Nature
2013 Spring Aurora, NY Wells College Recent Advances in Physics
2012 Fall Buffalo, NY Canisius College Physics of Water
2012 Spring Binghamton, NY State University of NY Energy materails
2011 Fall Oneonta, NY State University of NY Superconductivity and Applications
2011 Spring Albany, NY Albany Nanotech Center The Physics of Carbon Electronics
2010 Fall Hempstead, NY Hofstra University Origins: Origins of the Universe, Solar System, and Life
2010 Spring Schenectady, NY Union College Nuclear Applications
2009 Fall Ithaca, NY Ithaca College Physics and Archeology
2009 Spring Rochester, NY University of Rochester Harnessing Photons: From Energy to Entanglement
2008 Fall Corning, NY Corning Research A Century of Optics and Materials
2008 Spring Ithaca, NY Cornell University Accelerator Physics
2007 Fall Saratoga Springs, NY Skidmore College Planets - Geophysical and Astrophysical Perspectives
2007 Spring West Point, NY US Military Academy at West Point Physics in a New Light
2006 Fall Potsdam, NY SUNY Potsdam Acoustics, Musical and Physical
2006 Spring Canandaigua, NY Finger Lakes Community College Physics and Technology of Microsystems
2005 Fall Hamilton, NY Colgate University Albert Einstein and his Legacy
2005 Spring Rochester, NY RIT Physics of Squishy Things
2004 Fall Brooklyn, NY City University of New York Physics of the Microworld: From Quarks to Nanostructures
2003 Fall Upton, NY Brookhaven National Labs Particle Accelerator Frontiers and New Physics Potential Workshop
2003 Spring Geneseo, NY SUNY Geneseo Physics of Everyday Phenomena
2002 Fall Syracuse, NY. Syracuse Univ. The Small, the Large and the Universe
2002 Spring Oneonta, NY SUNY Oneonta Energy and Environment
2001 Fall Albany, NY SUNY Albany/RPI Biophysics with Nanotechnology
2001 Spring Yorktown Hts, NY IBM Research Division Nanotechnology
2000 Fall Buffalo , NY SUNY Buffalo Astrophysics
2000 Spring Corning, NY Corning CC Astrophysics: Tools, Research and Theory
1999 Fall Brockport, NY SUNY Brockport Low T Physics/Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos
1999 Spring Murray Hill, NJ Lucent Technologies Physics of Telecommunications
1998 Fall Troy RPI Advances & Applications in Magnetism
1998 Spring Rochester Kodak, Xerox, U.R. The Physics of Imaging
1997 Fall Saratoga Springs Skidmore College A Century of Modern Physics
1997 Spring Hamilton Colgate U. Lasers in Science
1996 Fall Ithaca Cornell U. Space Science
1996 Spring Yorktown Heights IBM 21st Century Computing
1995 Fall Rochester RIT Advances in Alternate Energy
1995 Spring Schenectady G.E. R&D Center Physics & Medicine
1994 Fall Binghamton Binghamton U. Physics of Everyday Phenomena
1994 Spring New Paltz SUNY College New Paltz Geophysics
1993 Fall Buffalo SUNY Buffalo Nanostructures
1993 Spring Corning Corning Glass Physics of Disordered Materials
1992 Fall Upton Brookhaven Nat. Labs Heavy Ion Physics
1992 Spring Syracuse Syracuse U. Biological Physics
1991 Fall Saratoga Springs Skidmore College Atmospheric Physics
1991 Spring Rochester RIT The Science of Imaging
1990 Fall Poughkeepsie IBM Supercomputing & Supercomputers
1990 Spring Alfred Alfred U. Physics of Advanced Materials Systems
1989 Fall Troy RPI Nanometric Probes of Matter
1989 Spring Geneseo SUNY at Geneseo Life Cycle of a Star
1988 Fall Ithaca Cornell U. Particle Beam Generation & Interactions
1988 Spring Schenectady Union College Superconductivity
1987 Fall Buffalo Calspan at Ramada Hotel Physics of Fluids
1987 Spring Briarcliffe Manor Philips Laboratories Thin Films and Microelectronics
1986 Fall Syracuse Syracuse U. Cosmology & Elementary Particles
1986 Spring Upton Brookhaven Nat. Labs Detectors for New Physics
1985 Fall Schenectady G.E. R&D Center Physics of Medical Imaging
1985 Spring Corning Corning Glass Physical Properties & Applications of Glass
1984 Fall Rochester U. of Rochester Honoring Lee Alvin DuBridge
1984 Spring West Point U.S. Military Academy Physics of International Security
1983 Fall Canton St. Lawrence U. Physics of the Environment
1983 Spring Oneonta SUNY Oneonta Physics and Computing
1982 Fall Rochester Eastman-Kodak Co. Physics of Polymers
1982 Spring Cortland SUNY Cortland Elementary Particle Physics
1981 Fall Buffalo SUNY Buffalo Interfacial Physics: New Frontier
1981 Spring Pleasantville Pace U. Energy: Alternate Sources & Storage
1980 Fall Albany SUNY at Albany Particle-Solid Interactions
1980 Spring Ithaca Cornell U. Synchrotron Radiation & Applications
1979 Fall Rochester Xerox, UR, Kodak The Laser & Applications
1979 Spring Syracuse Syracuse U. Relativity & Gravitation
1978 Fall Yorktown Heights IBM Physics in Modern Electronics
1978 Spring Schenectady Union College Topics in Biological Physics
1977 Fall Rochester RIT Geophysics: Molecules to Mountains
1977 Spring Hamilton Colgate U. Modern Astrophysics
1976 Fall New Paltz SUNY New Paltz Physics at Extreme Conditions
1976 Spring Oswego SUNY Oswego Energy Technology
1975 Fall Rochester Kodak Physics of Image Recording
1975 Spring Upton & Stony Brook BNL & SUNY Stony Brook Particle Physics
1974 Fall Buffalo SUNY Buffalo Modern Acoustics
1974 Spring Brooklyn Brooklyn College of CUNY Uses for Low Energy Accelerators
1973 Fall Troy RPI Electronic Physics of Organic Materials
1973 Spring Cortland SUNY Cortland Irreversibility, Time Reversal, Expanding Universe
1972 Fall Rochester RIT Atmospheric Physics
1972 Spring Poughkeepsie IBM Modern Optics
1971 Fall Geneseo SUNY Geneseo Plasma Physics: Fusion Power, Arcs, Ionosphere
1971 Spring Corning Corning Glass Works Physics of Electronic Devices