Executive Committee

Chair: Bruce White (05/15 - 04/17)
Binghamton Univ

Chair-Elect: Erica Simoson (05/15 - 04/17)
State Univ of NY - Fredonia

Secretary/Treasurer: Gian Vidali (05/13 - 04/17)
Syracuse Univ

Member-at-Large: Abigail Flower (05/13 - 04/17)
Philips Rsch

Member-at-Large: Michael Hennessy (05/13 - 04/17)

Member-at-Large: Sunil Labroo (05/13 - 04/17)
State Univ of NY - Oneonta

Member-at-Large: John Noe (05/13 - 04/17)
State Univ of NY- Stony Brook

Member-at-Large: Kenneth Podolak (05/13 - 04/17)
State Univ of NY - Plattsburgh

Member-at-Large: Carl Ventrice (05/13 - 04/17)
State Univ of NY - Albany

Member-at-Large: Samuel Amanuel (05/15 - 04/18)
Union Coll

Member-at-Large: Harold Hastings (05/15 - 04/18)
Hofstra Univ

Member-at-Large: Shashi Kanbur (05/15 - 04/18)

Member-at-Large: Jenny Magnes (05/15 - 04/18)
Vassar Coll

Member-at-Large: Michael Rogers (05/15 - 04/18)
Ithaca Coll

Executive Committee Home Page
(Access is restricted to members of the Committee)

Officer Roles

The Chair presides and sets the agenda of the meetings of the Executive Committee. The Vice-Chair is the Chair-Elect of the Section and, upon completion of the term of office, becomes the Chair. The Secretary-Treasurer keeps the books, takes and distributes minutes, distributes funds, pays all bills, and is responsible for all mailings. The Council Observer reports on APS Council meetings, brings items of interest to the Section to the Council's attention, and communicates with the Section (voting) Councilors.

Assigned Council Representative
Carlos Wexler
Prairie Section