Forum on Outreach & Engaging the Public

FOEP’s goal is to increase the public’s awareness of physics by providing a forum within APS for the large number of physicists currently involved in a diverse array of outreach and public engagement activities. FOEP fosters the development and dissemination of outreach activities such as blogging, multimedia, video, pop culture, popularizations, press relations, politics, “amateur” and distributed science, science cafes, and public shows and lectures. The Forum organizes and sponsors sessions at the March and April APS meetings and will issue a semiannual newsletter.


To join FOEP at no cost prior to renewing your APS membership, send an email to with your request to add FOEP to your membership. Please note that if you currently belong to two or more forums, FOEP will be added at no charge for the remainder of your membership term. On your next membership renewal notice, you will see a Forum subtotal that will include $8 for every Forum membership over two.


News and Announcements

FOEP Events at the April Meeting
FOEP sponsored a number of exciting sessions at the APS April Meeting 2017, including one invited session.
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New Planetarium Show Available
Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter
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The Ithaca Physics Bus Is Coming to New Orleans!
The bus is coming down to New Orleans for the APS March Meeting 2017.
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Workshops for DFD and March Meeting
Finding your scientific voice
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The Latest FOEP Newsletter Is Available
Gray Arrow September 2016 Newsletter

Letter from Dan Dahlberg and Philip W. Hammer on the creation of FOEP in 2010

APS News article on incorporating outreach into a physics career