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The Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics is proud to present a list of members nominated by FIAP and elected to Fellowship in the American Physical Society. Each new fellow is elected after careful and competitive review and recommendation by the FIAP Fellowship Committee, additional review by the APS Fellowship Committee and final approval by the full APS Council.
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APS Fellows Nominated by FIAP  

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Evans, Dean [2015]
Air Force Research Laboratory - WPAFB
Citation: For contributions in the photorefractive field leading to an understanding of the physics and defect structure needed to mature these crystals for applications, and for work in the physical understanding and development of ferroelectric nanoparticles.

Fanciulli, Marco [2015]
University of Milano, Bicocca
Citation: For outstanding contributions in the growth and characterization of materials and nanostructures for emerging devices for information processing.

Hallen, Hans [2015]
North Carolina State University
Citation: For creative contributions to our understanding of the optical properties of materials at the nanoscale, and their use in the characterization of materials and structures.

Iannaccone, Giuseppe [2015]
Pisa University
Citation: For contributions to the theory of quantum transport and noise in mesoscopic and nanoelectronic devices and to their application in electronics.

Karunasiri, Gamani [2015]
Naval Postgraduate School
Citation: For extensive contributions to the development of quantum well infrared detectors and MEMS based sensors for directional sound sensing and THz imaging.

Kim, Ki [2015]
North Carolina State University
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of electron-phonon scattering and related transport properties in the low-dimensional electronic and spintronic devices and structures.

Manzur, Tariq [2015]
Naval Underwater System Center
Citation: For outstanding contributions in the field of photonics, laser devices, and systems.

Meitzler, Thomas [2015]
US Army Research Devevelpment & Engineering Command
Citation: For the development of a novel technique for embedding of ultrasonic, optical, and spintronic transducers-sensors into armor materials and contributions to understanding how embedded transducers give indication of armor damage.

Rumble, John [2015]
R&R Data Services
Citation: For leadership in developing systems that organize and provide ready access to the high quality scientific and technical data needed for the design, performance prediction, and analysis of industrial products.

Tang, Xinfeng [2015]
Wuhan University of Technology
Citation: For pioneering studies of the synthesis, processing, characterization, and understanding of thermoelectric materials, and for contributions to their use in industrial applications.

Wright, Michael [2015]
Varian Medical Systems
Citation: For outstanding research and innovation in x-ray imaging and radiation therapy, its resulting commercial impact, and profound medical benefits for humankind.

Zhang, Zhuomin [2015]
Georgia Institute of Technology
Citation: For advancing the knowledge of near-field thermal radiation between objects at nanometer distances as well as the radiative properties of photonic crystals and metamaterials for energy harvesting and semiconductor processing.