60th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics Co-Located with the 71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference
November 5-9, 2018 • Portland, Oregon

APS DPP Meeting 2012

General Information

Audio-Visual Services

APS Meeting Audio-Visual Policy

American Physical Society has established an Audio-Visual (A-V) policy to ensure well-run sessions. Because we have a legally binding contract with our A-V vendor, AVMG, abstract presenters are not permitted to bring their own projection equipment for use at the meeting.  You may bring your own laptop.

Check Your Presentation

Visit the Speaker-Ready room to test your equipment and run through your presentation.
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Presenter Information

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Audio-Visual Equipment

Available in All Sessions
The standard A-V package provided consists of:

  • LCD projector
  • Laptop (Windows PC)
  • Overhead projector
  • Screen
  • Laser pointer
  • Lapel microphone

You may rent any additional A-V equipment your wish directly through APS’s designated audio-visual provider, AVMG. You can order equipment prior to the Meeting by emailing AVMG; or, you may contact AVMG on-site in the A-V office.
Gray arrow  Contact AVMG (lwarren@avmg.com)

You, not APS, will cover the cost of additional equipment. You must pay for your additional equipment before the start of your session. You may pay AVMG by check, credit card, or cash.

Laptops and Projectors

Whether you use a laptop or a projector, visit the Speaker-Ready Room to test your presentation with an AVMG technician before your session.

Practicing with the equipment will help your session run smoothly. The session schedule will be maintained and a problematic set-up of the laptop or projector uses up your valuable presentation time.

It is not necessary to bring your laptop to the Meeting if your presentation has been downloaded to a memory stick or a CD.  If you are giving a PowerPoint® presentation and you create a CD, make sure you close or finalize your session. If you do not close your session before burning the CD you will not be able to access your PowerPoint® from the Meeting computer.

LCD Projectors
The responsibility for a smooth, technically trouble-free presentation ultimately rests with the presenter. APS strongly recommends that LCD projectors not be used for contributed talks (12 minute talks).  Speakers using the LCD projector may wish to bring back-up transparencies in case of a technical problem. Presenters are not allowed to use personal projectors at the annual meeting.

Special Audio-Visual Instructions

Images and Photos

  • Images and photos must be embedded in your presentation.

Special Fonts and Characters

  • Special Fonts
    • Avoid special fonts! Non-standard fonts are probably not installed on provided laptops.
    • If you must use a special font, embed it in your presentation.
  • Special Characters
    • Make sure your special characters are part of a standard Windows font set so they will show in your presentation.

Videos and Movies

  • Save videos and movies as MPG files.
  • Save videos in the same folder as your presentation.
  • Video files (movies) must be created with standard Windows compression codecs.
  • Video files must be linked to your presentation.

Poster Sessions

  • Electrical connections will be available at all poster sites.
  • Free small tables for laptops will be provided if requested by .
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  • You can order extra equipment before the meeting by emailing AVMG or by contacting AVMG on-site in the A-V office.  You are responsible for all charges for additional equipment.
    Gray arrow  Contact AVMG (lwarren@avmg.com)