Polymer Physics Prize Committee

Current Members

For the 2015 Prize
  1. Chair: Nitash Balsara
  2. Chair-Elect: Stephen Cheng
  3. Ralph Colby (APS rep)
  4. M. Muthukumar (DPOLY)
  5. (2014 Winner – TBA)
  6. Steve Granick (alternate)
For the 2016 Prize
  1. Chair: Stephen Cheng
  2. Chair-Elect: Wes Burghardt
  3. Gary Grest (APS rep)
  4. Ned Thomas (DPOLY)
  5. Mark Ediger (2015 Winner)
  6. Sindee Simon (alternate)

Gray arrow Past Members


The DPOLY Polymer Physics Prize Committee is responsible for identifying suitable candidates for the Polymer Physics Prize. The DPOLY Polymer Physics Prize Committee has five members and one standing alternate. One of the five members is the immediate past DPOLY Polymer Physics Prize winner, who serves for one year only; the other four members serve two-year terms. The chair and vice-chair of the committee are normally the DPOLY Chair and DPOLY Chair-Elect, respectively. All committee members must be approved by the Associate Executive Officer of APS.
  • Polymer Physics Prize nominations are due July 1.
  • The winner is selected by the committee teleconference meeting in July or August.
  • The selection must be approved by APS (typically in October).