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Chen, Jeff [2015]
University of Waterloo
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the theoretical study of wormlike polymer chains, in particular, spatially inhomogeneous and orientaionally ordered bulk and confined systems.

Crosby, Alfred [2015]
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Citation: For establishing a research program on nature-inspired materials that has gained a worldwide reputation while making a significant and broad impact on the fields of materials science, mechanics, and biology.

Leger, Liliane [2015]
College de France
Citation: For masterfully pioneering experiments about the fundamentals of polymer diffusion, adhesion, and rheological flow.

Migler, Kalman [2015]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For definitive optical and rheological experiments concerning the physics of polymer flow to identify slippage and multiphase behavior.

Raphael, Elie [2015]
ESPCI ParisTech
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the theory of complex fluids, including polymers at interfaces, polyelectrolytes, wetting of thin films, and capillary-gravity waves.

Roland, Charles [2015]
Naval Research Laboratory
Citation: For important experimental contributions and physical insight into the temperature and pressure dependence of the dynamics of polymeric systems.

Segalman, Rachel [2015]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the understanding of conjugated, polypeptoid, and ion-containing polymers and co-polymers.