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Dalziel, Stuart [2015]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For important contributions to experimental techniques and experimental understanding of stratified and rotating fluids, and for influential directorship of the Batchelor Laboratory and mentoring of young scientists.

De Wit, Anne [2015]
University Libre De Brussels
Citation: For pioneering contributions to our understanding of the coupling between chemical reaction, hydrodynamics, and pattern formation driven by coupled reacting-hydrodynamic systems.

Floryan, Jerzy [2015]
University of Western Ontario
Citation: For seminal illumination of the critical influence of surface topography and heating on surface drag; and the onset of shear-, centrifugal-, buoyancy-, and parametric-resonance driven instabilities; and their characterization.

He, Guowei [2015]
Chinese Academy of Science
Citation: For fundamental contributions to understanding space-time correlations in turbulent flows and development of time-accurate models for large-eddy simulation, and for leadership in fluid dynamics research in China.

Koseff, Jeffrey [2015]
Stanford University
Citation: For pioneering contributions in understanding lid-driven cavity flow and transport phenomena in coupled physical-biological systems, and seminal contributions to the theory of stratified turbulence and internal wave breaking.

Kumar, Satish [2015]
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Citation: For fundamental contributions to interfacial and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and for exemplary leadership in the engineering science of liquid-applied coating and printing processes.

Kumaran, Viswanathan [2015]
Indian Institute of Science
Citation: For studies of transition to turbulence in flows past soft surfaces at moderate Reynolds numbers, including asymptotic and numerical analyses, and experimental characterization of instabilities, turbulence, and ultrafast mixing.

Lauder, George [2015]
Harvard University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to understanding of aquatic propulsion in fishes through experimental hydrodynamics.

Matar, Omar [2015]
Imperial College London
Citation: For important contributions to interfacial fluid dynamics in the presence of surfactants, nanoparticles, and electric fields, using theory and computation, and with applications in industrial and daily life settings.

Mezic, Igor [2015]
Univ of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theory of three-dimensional chaotic advection, measures and control of mixing, and development of a spectral operator theory approach to decomposition of complex fluid flows.

Niemela, Joseph [2015]
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Citation: For significant contributions to high-­precision heat transport measurements at very high Rayleigh numbers in cryogenic Rayleigh-­Bénard convection, and pioneering applications of low-­temperature techniques to studies of instabilities and turbulence.

Pismen, Leonid [2015]
Israel Institute of Technology
Citation: For pioneering and ingenious contributions to fundamental fluid dynamics, particularly interfacial flows, dynamics of moving contact lines, and the analysis of instabilities and pattern formation in diverse systems.

Shinbrot, Troy [2015]
Rutgers University
Citation: For creative and thought-provoking work on chaos, fluid mixing, and granular flows.

Squires, Todd [2015]
Univ of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For advancing the quantitative and qualitative understanding of fundamental processes in microfluidics and nonlinear electrokinetics, colloidal hydrodynamics, and active and nonlinear microrheology of bulk materials and complex fluid interfaces.

Toschi, Federico [2015]
Eindhoven University of Technology
Citation: For lasting contributions to direct numerical simulations of complex flows and turbulence, and to the understanding of fully developed turbulence and turbulent two-phase flow.

Wu, Xiaohua [2015]
Royal Military College of Canada
Citation: For pioneering direct numerical simulations of pipe and boundary layer flows, from a laminar state, through transition, to a fully-developed turbulent state; and for generating striking and insightful visualizations.