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The Division is able to elect each year one-half of one percent of the current membership. Nominations may be made at any time, but only those received by the deadline will be considered for action in that year.

Gray arrow DCMP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, February 1, 2016
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCMP  

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Abanov, Artem [2015]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For contributions to the theory of quantum phase transitions, in particular for the interaction of electrons with spin fluctuations.

Arovas, Daniel [2015]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For contributions to the theory of quantum magnetism, including novel large-N generalizations, valence bond solid and double exchange systems, and for pioneering work in the theory of fractional statistics.

Buehler-Paschen, Silke [2015]
Vienna University of Technology
Citation: For major contributions to the understanding of strongly correlated electron systems, particularly through the synthesis and investigation of quantum critical heavy fermion compounds, Kondo insulators, and strongly correlated thermoelectrics.

Carlson, Erica [2015]
Purdue University
Citation: For theoretical insights into the critical role of electron nematicity, disorder, and noise in novel phases of strongly correlated electron systems and predicting unique characteristics.

Cobden, David [2015]
University of Washington
Citation: For novel contributions to experimental physics in low dimensional nano-scale systems, in particular VO2 
nanobeams and carbon nanotube electronic properties.

Delsing, Per [2015]
Chalmers University of Technology
Citation: For pioneering research on the physics of single-electron devices, superconducting circuits, and microwave photonics.

Dessau, Daniel [2015]
University of Colorado, Boulder
Citation: For development of high resolution ARPES and laser-ARPES, and their utilization in ground-breaking studies of correlated electron materials, particularly cuprate superconductors and colossal magnetoresistive oxides.

Dietl, Tomasz [2015]
Polish Academy of Sciences
Citation: For seminal contributions to the theory of magnetic semiconductors.

Finkelstein, Gleb [2015]
Duke University
Citation: For significant experimental studies of quantum transport in nanostructures, especially electron correlation effects in artificial quantum impurity systems.

Freeman, Mark [2015]
University of Alberta
Citation: For pioneering studies of magnetization dynamics in nanostructures using ultrafast optical spectroscopy, scanning microscopy, and nanomechanical magnetometry.

Haskel, Daniel [2015]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For development and use of advanced polarized x-ray techniques for studies of magnetism and electron-lattice coupling in correlated electron systems, particularly under extreme conditions.

Krishnamurthy, Hulikal [2015]
Indian Institute of Science
Citation: For outstanding contributions to condensed matter theory, especially strongly correlated phenomena in fermionic and bosonic systems, universal behavior in quantum impurity physics, and colossal magneto-resistance.

Lumsden, Mark [2015]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of magnetism in iron-based superconductors using neutron scattering techniques.

Madhavan, Vidya [2015]
University of Illinois, Urbana
Citation: For major contributions to the study of topological phases of electronic matter using advanced spectroscopic imaging STM.

Maier, Thomas [2015]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For numerical and phenomenological calculations that have provided insight into cuprate and iron-pnictide superconductors.

Martin, Ivar [2015]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: "For fundamental work in the theory of strongly correlated electrons, topological materials, and quantum measurement."

Misra, Prabhakar [2015]
Howard University
Citation: For sustained contributions to the spectroscopy of the condensed phases and exemplary mentoring of underrepresented students.

Mitrovic, Vesna [2015]
Brown University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to NMR study of low energy excitations in emergent quantum phases.

Petrovic, Cedomir [2015]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding contributions to understanding of heavy fermion materials through synthesis and characterization of new systems, particularly CeCoIn5.

Ronning, Filip [2015]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For experimental contributions to understanding strongly correlated electron phenomena, particularly in cuprate and heavy-fermion systems.

Shtengel, Kirill [2015]
Univ of California, Riverside
Citation: For major theoretical contributions to the prediction and detection of non-Abelian anyons in condensed matter physics.

Siddiqi, Irfan [2015]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For significant contributions to the development of superconducting quantum information devices and quantum measurement techniques.

Steglich, Frank [2015]
Max Planck Institute
Citation: For seminal contributions to correlated electron physics, including discovery of unconventional superconductivity in CeCu2Si2, and explication of electronic criticality near antiferromagnetic quantum critical points.

Tate, Janet [2015]
Oregon State University
Citation: For contributions to structural, transport, and optical properties of a wide variety of electronic and superconducting materials.

Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav [2015]
Univ of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For important contributions to the theory of spin dynamics in ferromagnetic nanostructures.

Vekhter, Ilya [2015]
Louisiana State Univ, Baton Rouge
Citation: For important contributions to the theory of unconventional superconductors in the vortex state, including probes of order parameter symmetry.

Venkataraman, Latha [2015]
Columbia University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to measurement and understanding of electron transport through single organic molecules.

Vojta, Thomas [2015]
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Citation: For innovative analyses of quantum phase transitions in the presence of strong disorder.

Zudov, Michael [2015]
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
Citation: For seminal experiments on nonequilibrium transport in high Landau levels of 2D systems, including discovery of microwave-induced resistance oscillations and zero-resistance states.