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The Division is able to elect each year one-half of one percent of the current membership. Nominations may be made at any time, but only those received by the deadline will be considered for action in that year.

Gray arrow DCMP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCMP  

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Abanov, Alexander G. [2016]
State University of New York - Stony Brook
Citation: For pioneering contributions to electronic condensed matter physics using topological and hydrodynamic methods.

Appelbaum, Ian [2016]
University of Maryland, College Park
Citation: For advancing the study of spin-polarized electron transport in semiconductors, especially the fundamental processes revealed by coherent and time-resolved spin transport over macroscopic distances in silicon and germanium.

Averitt, Richard [2016]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For his pioneering experimental study of the electrodynamics of correlated electron materials and metamaterials.

Bianconi, Antonio [2016]
Universityersità di Roma
Citation: For developing experimental methods using synchrotron radiation including X-ray absorption near edge structure and scanning micro-X-ray diffraction, and for advanced data analysis techniques used to unveil the role of complex local structures in the functionality of oxide materials and metalloproteins.

Feng, Donglai [2016]
Fudan University
Citation: For seminal contributions to elucidating the electronic structure of quantum materials, particularly bulk and interface superconductivity in iron-based superconductors.

Fiete, Gregory A. [2016]
University of Texas at Austin
Citation: For contributions to the theory of correlated electron systems, including pioneering work on the spin-incoherent Luttinger liquid and interaction-driven topological phases.

Gruzberg, Ilya [2016]
The Ohio State University
Citation: For contributions to the theory of critical phenomena near Anderson localization-delocalization transitions in disordered electronic systems, including the integer quantum Hall transition and its variants in different symmetry classes.

Gusev, Vitalyi [2016]
Universityersité du Maine
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the study of nonlinear acoustics of mesostructured media, and laser-induced ultrafast opto-acoustic phenomena in semiconductors and nanostructured materials.

Kempa, Krzysztof [2016]
Boston College
Citation: For pioneering contributions to understanding basic physics of plasmons in condensed matter systems.

Kim, Young-June [2016]
University of Toronto
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of various quantum materials using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques, notably the development of resonant inelastic X-ray scattering and its applications to cuprates and iridates.

Kono, Kimitoshi [2016]
RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science
Citation: For groundbreaking experiments on the dynamics of strongly correlated 2-D electron systems and the observation of new collective phenomena in helium using surface electron states.

Kreyssig, Andreas [2016]
The Ames Laboratory
Citation: For elucidating the relationships between the structural, magnetic, and superconducting properties of iron-arsenide hightemperature superconductors.

Markovic, Nina [2016]
Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For important contributions to the experimental study and understanding of electron transport in low dimensions.

Okamoto, Satoshi [2016]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the theory of interacting electrons in solids, including foundational work on orbital waves and on correlated-electron superlattices.

Perkins, Natalia [2016]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For theoretical studies of the low-energy behavior of strongly correlated electron systems that exhibit an interplay of orbital and spin degrees of freedom.

Potemski, Marek [2016]
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of semiconductor and graphene-based, two dimensional systems using optical magneto-spectroscopy methods.

Rogge, Sven [2016]
University of New South Wales
Citation: For contributions to the understanding and development of solid-state quantum electronics and transport through single dopants in semiconductors.

Rokhinson, Leonid [2016]
Purdue University
Citation: For contributions to the field of mesoscopic semiconductors.

Tutuc, Emanuel [2016]
University of Texas at Austin
Citation: For contributions to the physics of 2-D electron systems.

Zhou, Xingjiang [2016]
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For significant contributions to the development of vacuum ultraviolet laser-based angle- and spin-resolved photoemission systems, and incisive investigation into the electronic structure of high temperature cuprate and iron-based superconductors.

Zhu, Jian-Xin [2016]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding and original contributions to correlated electron systems, specifically electronic structure in unconventional superconductors and heavy fermions.