Spring 1996 Meeting Report

The annual Spring Meeting of the Texas Section of the American Physical Society was held on the campus of Abilene Christian University on 15- 16 March 1996. The local arrangements were organized by Dr.Paul Schulze, chair of the ACU Physics Department, with help of J. Arrington, D. Isenhower, P. Morris, M. Sadler and the students and staff of ACU

The meeting was held jointly with the Texas Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers and Zone 13 of the Society of Physics Students. Registration of 362 people included 177 AAPT, 67 APS, 107 SPS, 86 High School, 15 vendors, and 44 other.

There were two plenary session on the History of Physics, two invited sessions on the Frontiers of Physics: High Energy Physics; one session and a panel on Physics in Industry, and a panel on Women in Physics.

In addition to the invited and plenary sessions, there were 72 APS contributed papers arranged into 9 sessions touching on most research areas of physics. There were also 20 AAPT contributed papers in 3 sessions, 10 SPS papers, 10 papers in a Two Year Collegs session and 7 papers in two special High School Teaching sessions. The AAPT Section 21 workshops on physics education topics for area teachers and interested participants.

The luncheon was attended by 200 people, and was notable for its unusually short TSAPS business meeting.

The Banquet was attended by about 260 persons. It was followed by a lecture by Dr. Ivo Slaus, Professor of Physics, Rudjer Boskovic Insitute, Zagreb,Croatia.

The committee to select the outstanding student presentations, organized by C. A. Quarles, reviewed the presentations of graduate and undergraduate students competing and selected six students to receive awards consisting of a certificate and a check for $150 each. The award program is supported by the Section's general operating fund.

Congratulations to the winners:

Undergraduate Students:
  • Alfredo Aranda, UT El Paso, "Phase space correlations in nuclear fragmentation."
  • Anne Mitchell, UT San Antonio, "Spectroscopic properties of YAG:Cr3+, Tm3+, Ho3+."
Graduate Students:
  • Amir Azordegan, U North Texas, "Charge state dependence of L-shell x-ray production cross section for 4-14 Mev oxygen ions on 29Cu."
  • Kevin Morris, Texas A&M U, "Jet-cooled fluorescence spectra and carbonyl wagging of 2-chlorocyclopentanone."Raymond Nazzario, Baylor U, "Dust bands of the planet Mars."
  • E. G. Roth, U North Texas, "Profiling hydrogen in materials using ion beams."